Why Does Jared Leto Constantly Embrace Illuminati and Occult Symbolism?

Jared Leto has been around in the entertainment industry since the early 1990s, and has since evolved to engage in many different pursuits, such as being an actor, singer-songwriter, musician, director, producer, and environmental activist. However, for many years, Leto has been viewed as quite the ‘odd fellow’ and in some public appearances and photo shoots, he seems to have an affinity for Illuminati and occult symbolism… including a recent shot of him on the January 2014  cover of GQ Italia.

The GQ Italia cover featuring Leto is thick with Illuminati symbolism.

For starters, note how Leto is forming a triangle with his hands, and how one of his eyes is hidden by the positioning of his hands, thus creating single eye symbolism. Embracing triangles is nothing new for Leto, who has been tattooed with one on each of his arms. Some have pointed out the triangles on his arms are actually a symbol related to Wicca, which refers to elements of nature. In the up position, it stands for air, while the downward position is meant to represent earth.  

Sometimes, this same triangle shape (also referred to as a triad) has appeared as stage decoration for some of Leto’s live performances with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. Through his band and music, some have theorized that Leto uses this platform as a vehicle to expose listeners to subliminal passages related to Lucifer.

It seems that such symbolism is a reoccurring theme in many of the magazine covers that features Leto. In December 2013 alone, Leto appeared on two magazine covers where he opted to incorporate elements often associated with the Illuminati, secret societies, and the occult.

•    #1: For his 7 Hollywood magazine cover, he intentionally creates a scene of single eye symbolism – using one of his hands to cover an eye. To further add to the photo, he is wearing what appears to be an ‘eye’ ring on his middle finger. The ring almost looks as if to create thoughts of an ‘evil eye.’

•    #2: When Leto appeared on the cover of Nylon magazine, he flashed what appears to the untrained eye as the ‘A-OK’ sign, but is most likely the same ‘666’ hand gesture that we see Lady Gaga using all of the time.

Throughout Leto’s career, whether he’s promoting a new film or appearing at a concert with his band, Illuminati and Satanic-like symbolism has become a part of his persona. He is constantly embracing the kind of questionable symbolism that leads those who view his pictures to wonder why he has such a soft spot for this type of imagery. Exactly what kind of message does Leto want to send by embracing such symbolism?

There is no doubt that one of Leto’s favorite poses is one that creates single eye symbolism – mostly achieved when he uses one of his hands to cover one of this eyes. He has been known to use props to create this same effect, as seen in the image where he uses a circular ‘do not disturb’ sign to highlight an “all-seeing eye” effect.