Why Does the Construction of the IRS Headquarters in Maryland Contain Questionable Art Features?

As the deadline to file taxes nears, thousands of people will scramble to find their W-2s and charity donation receipts to be on time for Tax Day on April 15. We all know the IRS goes over our tax returns with a fine toothed comb ”“ some more than others, and they determine whether we are due a refund or still need to pay the piper. What is not mentioned much is the history of the Internal Revenue Service National Headquarters Complex which was built in New Carrollton, Maryland ”“ a government building with some questionable art features in its construction”¦

The IRS headquarters is a government building whose construction was funded by public monies during the early 1990s. Interestingly, artistic references that point to ‘that’ infamous secret society you’re probably tired of hearing about had been inserted into its design. Those who have taken a closer look at the art features have uncovered a puzzling message within.  

When the IRS complex was first built in New Carrollton, Maryland, it was quite a sight to see (gigantic it had been described) and continued to grow after it was initially established. Even though the building was of modern construction, there were some odd choices in public art that was placed in front. You’d have to know about secret society symbolism to pinpoint the possible hidden significance of the features related the building. The IRS was not built to carry or incorporate a great deal of art so whatever is included is of significance.

Let’s take a look at the front of the building. When the building was erected, two black and white pillars were positioned at the entrance to the IRS headquarters. The best-quality marble was used to fashion these features, and at the top ”“ white hands were situated in the direction reaching to the sky. One hand has a forefinger extended, while the other depicts an open hand with slightly cupped fingers.

A dark pyramid with a metallic capstone was placed right between the two pillars. The words written on the capstone read: “We the People.”  The Washington Post printed a column that inquired about the “The Big Hands of the Law.” The column went on to shed light on the piece, which was called “Vox Populi,” words that translates into “the voice of the people” in Latin. The column goes on to explain that “the hand with the raised index finger represents deliberation, argument, the gesticulation of a speaker giving his or her opinion. The hand with an open palm represents the act of voting or taking an oath.”

The imagery brings up many questions and observations from those who keep an eye out for secret society, Illuminati, and Freemason symbolism that has slipped in under the public’s noses. The pillars are black and white ”“ Freemasons associate with black/white patterns, especially checkerboards ”“ it’s a reference to duality that they openly embrace. This symbolism is one of the most significant features found in Masonic lodges, as a checkerboard floor pattern is commonplace. The pyramid with a capstone sends off red flags similar to that of the All-Seeing Eye ”“ imagery often associated with the Illuminati.