Why Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know About the Graviola Tree”¦

You’d think that the government and pharmaceutical companies would like to save more lives and give hope to patients fighting of the largest killers in the world ”“ cancer. Over the years, research has verified the potency and miraculous healing powers of the Sour Sop ”“ a fruit that comes from the graviola tree. Known as a natural cancer cell killer to those who have studied its power, it is gaining a reputation for being 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy when it comes to eradicating cancer cells.

However, large corporations have been trying to create a synthetic version of the plant to sell to hopeful patients, and they want to recoup some of the money spent on research and experimentation before revealing the existence of such a natural cancer fighter. The secret powers of the graviola tree have been known to Brazilians for quite some time now. The trees produce rather large pieces of fruit that are commonly used to make drinks, sherbets and other fruity concoctions. The sweet white pulp is often eaten out of the hand.

Most recently, people have been spreading the existence of sour sop across Facebook ”“ pasting information about the juice on their pages. They suggest drinking the juice as a cancer prevention aid or as a supplement to cancer treatments. The juice is natural and produces no side effects. They also suggest people start planting the graviola tree in their gardens, as there are other parts of the tree that are useful in other ways. The National Cancer Institute noted that the leaves are successful in eliminating cancer cells.

In regards to cancer, the plant possesses strong anti-cancer properties that have been proven effective in treating many different types, as well as other medical ailments. It is the anti-tumor effect of the plant that pharmaceutical companies have been trying to harness all this time. The plants also helps fight bacterial and fungal infections, treat internal parasites and worms, decreases high blood pressure, and can produce desired results in patients suffering from depression, stress and nervous disorders.

Research conducted on extracts of the plant show that the tree can safely attack cancer cells. Patients do not experience the weight loss, hair loss, and extreme nausea that often accompany typical chemotherapy treatments.  The plant can help protect the immune system, and prevent deadly infections from setting in. Patients experience more strength and increased health during the course of their treatment. They can also see a rise in their energy levels.

What’s more surprising is that reports reveal that more than 20 laboratory tests regarding extracts of the tree have been conducted since the 1970s. So, why aren’t more people aware of this miracle plant? Why don’t  more people know that components of the plant can effectively target and kill malignant cells in 12 different types of cancer, such as prostate, colon, breast, lung, and pancreatic.

One of the answers might be found in one of the largest drug making companies in the America sinking a lot of money in research into graviola and healing plants found in the Amazon Rainforest. They wanted to be the first to find a cure for cancer”¦which meant they would stand to make endless dollars from such a discovery. An increasing number of people are developing cancer and dying from more aggressive forms of the disease. So, why didn’t the drug company just bottle graviola and sell it? Because the tree is natural ”“ meaning under federal law ”“ you cannot patent it. This means pharmaceutical companies can’t make money from the graviola tree and its cancer-fighting components.

The next best thing was to synthesize two of the tree’s strongest anti-cancer ingredients. They spent more than seven years trying to come up with their own miracle drug. They were unable to create a successful concoction. The company kept losing money on this potential windfall, and eventually decided to stop researching and testing the plant. They abandoned the project, and chose not to publish their research findings. However, an inside scientist with a conscience decided to contact the right people to make sure the public became more aware of this natural, cancer-fighting alternative.

How can the pharmaceutical companies sleep at night?