Why is Kendrick Lamar Constantly Being Linked to the Illuminati?

Just like with so many up and coming, increasingly popular music artists, conspiracy theorists jump at the possibility that the Illuminati have somehow become involved in his or her success. Kendrick Lamar is one of those rappers who have attracted a lot of attention with a few hits, live performances, and memorable guest appearances on other people’s songs. However, his lyrics and the symbolism he supports may tell a different story, if you’re willing to look a bit deeper into Lamar’s career and presence in the music world.

Hailing from Compton, California, Kendrick Lamar started his music career in 2003, but he didn’t truly start to make waves until he released his fourth mixtape titled Overly Dedicated. The following year brought the release of Section 80 – his first independent album which was released exclusively through iTunes, and it quickly ranked as one of the leading digital hip hop releases of the year.

An initial signing to independent record label Top Dawg Entertainment was eclipsed by a joint Aftermath and Interscope Records label signing in 2012. Lamar’s popularity continued to grow and he really hit the mainstream music scene when his ‘A.D.H.D.’ song received radio airplay and mixtape recognition. Highlighting the dispirited youth culture that seems to increase over the years, the song is best described as dark and gloomy, and it was quite popular among the younger generation.

The list of Top 40 songs and hits with widespread appeal continues to grow with songs, such as ‘B***h Don’t Kill my Vibe’ and ‘Swimming Pools (Drank).’ In the music video for the latter hit, you will encounter a bit of Illuminati-related symbolism .

Other Illuminati-related symbolism or messages that Lamar seems to have supported include:

•    While performing or participating in a photoshoot, Lamar has been seen wearing clothing that incorporates Illuminati symbolism, such as a hoodie that features a pyramid-like structure, the money sign, and a sideways all-seeing eye.

•    In Robin Thicke’s ‘Give It 2 U’ music video, Lamar appears on an ATV as he drives about structures on a football field that form pyramid-looking obstacles – one is a full pyramid while the other has the apex purposefully removed from the pyramid. Is there a hidden meaning behind this? Maybe…maybe not.

•    Some have pointed to Lamar’s reference of ‘Eye.See.Life’ as being a subliminal statement related to the all-seeing eye.

•    Lamar has been photographed and videotaped supporting what appears to be the ‘666’ hand gesture (three fingers and a circle – like the A-OK sign), which some will dismiss as representing ‘Westside’ for his California roots.

•    Lamar refers to himself as ‘evil and spiritual’ in one of his raps.

•    In a You Tube video featuring Lamar’s interview with TruthisScary.com, he acknowledges ‘others’ who are in control of the world by saying the President really isn’t in control, and there is something out there in the world that is really ‘pushing the buttons’ and they’ve been doing it for years.

•    A more recent photoshoot for Document Journal shows the rapper producing single-eye symbolism (a nod to the all-seeing eye), where attention is predominately given to one of his eyes because of the way he has positioned his hand over the rest of his face.

Interestingly, Kendrick Lamar does have a tie to another suspected Illuminati puppet, Kanye West, who announced in September of 2013 that he’d be launching a tour to promote his sixth album ‘Yeezus’ in October, where Lamar would be accompanying him along the way. West has already drummed up controversy with his inclusion of a white Jesus that joins him on stage during his performance.