Why is the Butterfly a Symbol in Music Videos Associated with Mind Control?

The butterfly is a popular symbol often associated with young girls, and while it also represents the life cycle, metamorphosis, and the concept of rebirth, some butterfly imagery displays a more sinister or scary hidden agenda that centers on the subject of brainwashing. Why is this seemingly harmless creature often linked to mind control? In this article, you will encounter a few explanations, as well as examples of music videos and musicians who appear to embrace or support butterfly symbolism.

The butterfly as a symbol that represents mind control in today’s music videos, artist performances, and celebrity photo shoots is one that has become increasingly popular.  Not only is the butterfly a colorful insect recognizable by nearly everyone in the world, but it is also an insect used to represent the MK-Ultra Project Monarch. This project involved mind control, where people were programmed to act and think a certain way. The goal of the repeated victimization was to create a response to the requests of a ‘handler.’

Those believed to have undergone this type of programming typically encounter trauma to the mind, body and soul. The victims often fall in line with a ‘slave’ mentality, where someone else is pulling their strings. These ‘masters’ or ‘handlers’ may come in the form of music producers, business managers, or record company executives. Oftentimes, the victims of mind control respond to various ‘triggers,’ which includes the butterfly.  Different forms of mind control exist, including Mickey Mouse programming and Sex Kitten programming.

In regards to the entertainment industry, whenever a celebrity or musician wears clothing, fashion accessories, or embraces other references to the butterfly (such as getting a tattoo), there is the possibility of statements linked to Monarch programming or mind control being made.

Just some of the examples of butterfly-related mind control symbolism that has appeared over the years include:

Katy Perry’s music video ‘Wide Awake’ – In addition to incorporating a great deal of Monarch programming symbolism throughout the entire music video for ‘Wide Awake,’ Perry is seen holding a butterfly in her hands towards the end of the video. It is believed to symbolize the wicked ways of the entertainment industry, or make a statement that she is ‘breaking free’ from her handlers. Interestingly, Perry’s performance for ‘Wide Awake’ during the MuchMusic Video Awards in Canada included an elaborate costume with a pair of giant colorful butterfly wings.

Miley Cyrus – Miley Cyrus has a song titled ‘Butterfly Fly Away,’ which is believed to be a song about the daughter-father relationship that she has with Billy Ray Cyrus, and how she must learn how to become more independent. When taking into account some of Cyrus’ escalating physical and personal changes within her life, some may read further into the song lyrics. Most recently, the young entertainer released a music video with a handful of Illuminati-related symbolism.

Mariah Carey – Not only did Mariah Carey name one of her albums, ‘Butterfly,’ but it is a symbol that the ultra-popular singer has claimed as her own personal representation for many years. Some believe that her affinity for butterflies comes from the oppressive relationship she may have endured while under the thumb of Tommy Mottola and record companies. Remember her public ‘breakdown?’

China Daily Ad – If the butterfly is a symbol related to Monarch programming, then the positioning of the insect over the lips of the woman in this China Daily ad is rather telling. Is it meant to represent a silenced woman – one who is not allowed to speak her mind?   

Beyonce and the Butterfly – Oftentimes, butterfly symbolism is paired with single-eye symbolism, as seen in the photo where one of Beyonce’s eyes is surrounded by the wings of a Monarch butterfly.