Why is the World Health Organization Associated with the New World Order?

 When reading materials about organizations suspected of supporting a New World Order agenda, the World Health Organization (WHO, for short) is one of the leading organizations that constantly comes up in discussions. Conspiracy theorists and those who have spent time researching and analyzing WHO policies accuse the organization for not having the best interest in mind for the planet. To make matters worse, there are constant rumors and theories that the WHO actively attempts to control the population through the spread of disease and contamination.

Various watchdog groups and conspiracy theorists believe the World Health Organization is working with secret government groups that push for policies that support global population control. The younger generation and improvished regions seem to be the primary targets of such actions. During mandatory vaccination programs, some believe that children were actually given harmful vaccines, which were linked to causing seizures, brain damage, and in some cases, death.

Widespread disease is also a common concern amongst conspiracy theorists who believe government agencies, such as the World Health Organization and the United Nations, have fallen in line with the New World Order’s desire to depopulate the planet ”“ with a special emphasis placed on spreading disease amongst the targeted masses.

Some of the other accusations against the WHO include:

”¢    The World Health Organization uses viruses made in biological weapons laboratories of the United States Army to intentionally infect large populations in Africa, Haiti, and other places.

”¢    The AIDS virus is another method of the World Health Organization to decrease the global population ”“ especially when it comes to communities drowning in poverty. There is also a theory that the WHO created the AIDS epidemic by intentionally giving out contaminated vaccines during the 1970s to people living in developing countries.

The concept of using disease and viruses to target specific communities and cultures around the world is one that opens the doors of discussion regarding other known threats to global health. It could lead one to question the origin of Mad Cow Disease, SARS, the Ebola virus, West Nile Virus, and common sicknesses that spontaneously develop drug-resistant strains.

For example, the WHO was at the center of the rapid transfer of an Ebola-like virus that hit seven of the 18 provinces in Angola. The World Health Organization started reporting the events in April of 2005. The initial outbreak had been supposedly tracked to a pediatric ward located about 180 miles north of Luanda. The majority of people suffering from the disease were children. The disease had also taken the lives of more than a dozen healthcare workers. Remaining workers started to desert the hospitals and clinics. The public’s response escalated in one village, where people consumed with fear of contracting the disease started attacking WHO workers. This is the kind of chaos that the New World Order is said to support.

The New World Order involves the concept that out of chaos, the world will become a one-religion planet where everyone follows the same agenda. Spreading disease and creating a society dependent on the success and effectiveness of medicine can change the dynamics of the power struggle involving big business, politics, and the average person. Sadly, there are plenty of possibilities for chaos to erupt when it comes to health, sickness and death.