Why The Human Form?

[The following is a piece from the manuscript ‘The Atlantis Tesla Connection.’ These few pages are the most important pages in the book and possibly the most important pages I have ever written. The entire book presents evidence that supports these conclusions. The ideas below are the result of 30 years of research into ancient mysteries and large questions facing those of you who have ever contemplated existence!]

Why the Human Form? Why does the human condition in the physical world take the shape that it does? Few people ask the question, let alone attempt an answer. First, the human being of today is not the creature of yesterday. Long ago, we were super psychic and used (unlike the present sad state of affairs) much more of our mind’s potential. These powers are latent and buried deep within our subconscious. But, our PHYSICAL body is perfect for space travel. We were made or manufactured or cloned to utilize an advanced technology. Our shape is ideal for sitting in a cockpit; operating a bridge of a starship; handling incredible machinery; and traveling anywhere in the universe instantly! Our mind has the potential for vast astronomical calculations. We are scientists. We played with inconceivable power. We are explorers. We are travelers and colonizers. We expanded our world, being fruitful, and multiplied across the universe. We spread our seed and planted colonies. We built power stations on one planet and then the next. This formed a grand network throughout the stars.

One particular station, the one that was our genesis, was later known as ATLANTIS. When you land on a planet (as a god) with the purpose of establishing a permanent base…the first thing that happens is the construction of a source of power. (When you build a house, the electrical system is vital for living conditions). You use the native materials and build a powerhouse. The most efficient means of energy accumulation and distribution takes the form of a giant pyramid. The transceiver, properly constructed and orientated, taps into the planet’s natural Electro-Magnetic-energy fields. The result is a nearly eternal source of power! Your colony becomes perfect. Your power network is essential for Utopia. There is only one problem:

How can this ultimate Machine of the Gods be maintained? Robot, automaton, servicemen or attendant-technicians needed to be created to oversee Paradise. But, robots break down; machine parts become scarce and obsolete. Another type of machine was necessary to sustain this mighty empire; one that will not malfunction or break down; one that reproduces and is self-replicating. That machine is…MANKIND.

Humans are the perfect bio-machines that survive over long stretches of time. We were built to maintain the power-pyramids which, in turn, sustained our lives and enriched our lives. Time changes things. Eden; perfection; Utopia cannot survive, in the physical universe, forever.

Our shape or body has purpose. It is not the culmination of random accidents. We are not ‘star-stuff.’ We did not just happen to exist in nature. Human life does not just occur even if conditions for life are right for it. There is a very ancient, mile-long FACE on Mars. This should tell us that humans are an extremely old template and common throughout the galaxies. We are planned. We are a bio-product that can be mass produced. We have legs to be mobile in the material world; and arms and fingers to control super computers; which, in turn, can run a universe.

This Knowledge does not really matter. This purpose for the human race does not apply anymore…outside of philosophers and curious nostalgia-seekers who wonder of our beginning. The long, forgotten past only matters if seen as a blueprint for tomorrow. Will all the glorious past return one day in the far future…only to be destroyed again in an ever-repeating cycle of Life? This concept will not be readily accepted by readers. The idea is too new; too incomprehensible. Yet, the physical wonders of the past must have a credible (real-world) explanation. Conventional, traditional answers do not work. Governments and educators lie to us. Maybe the reason this purpose for humans is so unbelievable has to do with how far we have fallen…