Will Illuminati-Related Kids’ Show ‘House of Anubis’ Return for a Season Four?

Despite winning a Nickelodeon UK Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite UK TV Show, it is unclear whether or not ‘House of Anubis’ will return for a fourth season. Based on the Dutch-Belgian television series called ‘Het Huis Anubis,’ House of Anubis is a joint Nickelodeon production between the Brits, Americans, and Belgians, who have collaborated to create a mystery TV series that incorporates themes and symbolism associated with the Illuminati, the Eye of Horus, the God of the Dead, and teens creating secret societies of their own.

House of Anubis on Nickelodeon marked the channel’s first soap opera type of show geared towards children and teenagers. Just like with all soap operas, there is drama involved in the plot, but this time, it centers on a group of youths exploring the mysteries of the English boarding school named Anubis House that they all reside in. For starters, from the show’s name, ‘House of Anubis,’ it is clear to see that the TV series possesses references to ancient Egypt.

Nine children live in the residence, which is watched over by a strict caretaker. The series begins with the disappearance of one of the residents upon the arrival of an American girl named Nina. The remaining housemates blame Nina for playing a role in the disappearance of their friend, where all traces of the girl’s existence at the school have been removed as a result. It is revealed that the house (which dates back to the early 1900s) has a secret history and is full of mystery.

As Nina attempts to explore the mysteries of the house, she has in her possession a necklace shaped like the Eye of Horus, which has unknown powers that are revealed to her during her investigation. Some of the residents of the house form a secret group with Nina, which is called ‘Sinuna’ (Anubis spelled backwards). Not everyone in the residence is aware of the house’s mysteries, including the house mother.

Magical, occult and other questionable references pop up throughout the series, including a flame-filled abyss, body possession, and an Egyptian cup that gives immortality to anyone who drinks from it. One of the students is a leader of a secret society who wishes to locate the cup. They are at odds with another secret group who selfishly wishes to find the Cup. The Mask of Anubis is known to weep tears of gold that is needed to make an elixir of life. The concept of the evil needing ‘sacrifices’ so that they may become awakened plays a role in the TV series. At one point, sinners are sought after, so that their souls can help awaken an evil character named Ammut to rise.

Overall, the themes presented in the ‘House in Anubis’ TV series are more of an adult nature when you think of it, and the shows certainly incorporate topics of evil and Illuminati-related symbolism. Just take a look at one of the promos used to advertise the TV series below, and note the extreme single eye symbolism that the entire set of characters is engaging in by covering one side of their faces.