Willow Smith’s New Song and Music Video for ‘Summer Fling’ is Quite Disturbing for Parents of Young Girls

There is a fine line between creative expression and downright inappropriateness found throughout the entertainment industry, and young girls are often caught in the crossfire. From the over-sexualized teen characters that parade around in skimpy attire on Disney TV shows to the marketing of cosmetics to younger consumers, there seems to be a great deal of peer pressure that young ladies face in today’s society to grow beyond their years at a faster pace. The latest musician some say is guilty of sending the ‘wrong’ message to young girls is actually a 12 year old herself, and her name is Willow Smith.

Last week, Smith released her latest tune, ‘Summer Fling’ as part of her ‘Melodic Chaotic’ project, and there has been a wave of disappointment and shock regarding not only the content of the lyrics, but also the visual messages found throughout the accompanying music video. For starters, the theme of the song and video is something that an adult would listen (and should be relating to). Many feel that a 12-year-old girl should not be singing or referencing summer flings.

The music video shows Smith and her friends enjoying a pool party in the summertime – they are having fun, dancing around a campfire, and romping about (including scenes of Willow running with the American flag in hand like a banner). Further into the video, the youngsters look almost ritualistic and hedonistic.

Through it all, Smith is singing about a brief summertime fling that she doesn’t want to end, expressed through lyrics, such as “It’s just a couple months but we do it anyway/It’s only for the summer but we do it anyway.” The role of her ‘fling’ in the video is played by what appears to be a much older male than the pre-teen. She also sings of walking on a beach at midnight – a time when most 12-year-olds should be in bed. Towards the end of the song, a reverb of Willow’s voice repeats ‘do it anyway’ over and over again. What kind of message is she sending out to girls her age and younger?

Willow is the daughter of two well-known celebrities in the entertainment industry, Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Both parents have seen their fair share of success in television, movies, and music. Both of their children transitioned quickly into the music and film world with ease. She’s already considered a role model for many young girls, so the messages in her music can have a significant influence on listeners. Oftentimes, groups with a secret agenda (such as the Illuminati) will mold certain celebrities to appeal to a specific crowd of people to spread their message. There are already whispers that Willow could possibly be groomed to do just that.

At first look, being in the spotlight hasn’t seemed to take a toll on the lives of the Smith children, but Willow has shown signs of depression or confusion in the past. Often viewed as the more eccentric of the two children, Willow has embraced wild fashion statements, unique hair colors, and even raised eyebrows when she shaved all of her hair off – an act that many see as a cry for help or an indication that something quite serious is going on. Let’s not forget that Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes have both shaved their hair during what appeared to be ‘nervous breakdowns’ or possibly mind control meltdowns.

In regards to her music, this isn’t the first time that Willow Smith has been involved in some sort of questionable forms of creative expression. When she released the video for ‘Whip my Hair’ a couple of years ago, there were numerous questionable references found throughout the piece, which included Illuminati and mind control symbolism.