Magic, Spell, Spirit all these words is very common today. Thanks to Harry. Yes I mean Harry Potter. But Witch and Wizards are quite known for a very long time. Do they really exists I may never know. But the thought of having this unnatural power is very stimulating. But thanks to Harry Potter, every kid wishes to be a Wizard able to do magic, able to fly and other thrilling stuff which they read.

Witchcraft also called as Sorcery, can be defined as use of supernatural power over others through the assistance of spirits. Though many regard witchcraft is also an occult practice. Those who practice sorcery may adopt some pagan beliefs, but do not typically categorize with witchcraft. Present-day sorcery is based on a belief of accessing and manipulating energy through various methods. There are many today who practice ritual magic, an involved form of sorcery based on teachings going back to ancient societies.

Paganism is a term that includes witchcraft, Wicca, Druidry, Asatru, Odinism and many other pagan movements. Witch and pagan are considered to be interchangeable terms according to many. Witches and pagans actually do not even agree on what a witch or pagan really is. There are also disparity on whether there is any distinction between Wicca & witchcraft. Witchcraft and pagan groups vary widely from each other in rituals, procedure, some beliefs and principle.
There is no colossal group with a stated statement of belief or view. It is for this lack of composition that draws a lot of people to these groups. These pagan belief attract very brilliant people who believe they are different or special, those who have had terrible experience with conventional religions, those who feel deserted by God, free spirits who hate organization, the rejected rebels, and those attracted to occult or mystical experiences.
The three basics of witchcraft are pantheism, monism, and polytheism.
Pantheism is the belief that all is God and that Godis all and thus assumes divine forces within oneself and in nature.
Monism claims that all is one and one is all, and assumes a mystical oneness, force, or life force that connects us to nature.
Polytheism accepts many gods.
Witches worship the Triple Goddess. She is maiden mother and crone the 3 aspects of the Goddess and the feminine personality, frequently related correspondingly to the new, full and waning moon cycles. The stereotype witch of an old woman with pointed chin and wart is, according to witchcraft, a misrepresented adaptation of the crone. Christians normally consider The Triple Goddess as a counterfeit of the Christian trinity, and some claim that the Trinity was copied from the Triple Goddess.
Witches are definitely not Satanists groups. Although there has been many conversion for individuals from witchcraft into Satanism, and some Satanists might call themselves witches, but the fact remains that these two groups are totally different.
Witchcraft has almost become extinct today. But the fact still lingers upon us about this mysterious group of people who can perform the impossible to the rest of us. I wish I was a Wizard..