Witches’ Herbs for Sleep

Whether you’re looking for a better night’s sleep or want protection throughout the night, a variety of plants and herbs have been used as natural bedtime remedies. For centuries, witches have used certain plants for protection spells, bringing good dreams, and inducing sleep. In this article, you will learn what types of plants are associated with matters of sleep.


Aromatherapists will tell you that jasmine possesses a soothing scent and is often used in essential oil recipes for calming the mind and body. To enjoy a restful night’s sleep, burn jasmine incense before going to bed. Placing jasmine flowers under your pillow will also help.


The leaves of the heliotrope plant are believed to create prophetic dreams when left under the pillow before you go to sleep. Heliotropium is a genus of flowering plants.


Holly leaves placed under your pillow is also associated with promoting prophetic dreams. Hollies are the plants that often produce red berries that provide an important food source to many birds.

Lemon Verbana

Add lemon verbana to a bag and leave under your pillow to encourage a good night’s sleep.


Typically known for its connection to love spells, mistletoe also has a reputation for keeping nightmares away when placed under the pillow during a sleep.


If you’re looking for a night filled with dreams, mugwort is known to encourage a vivid state of dreaming. Mugwort is a native plant to temperate climates in Europe, northern Africa, Asia, and has been naturalized in North America. Some see the plant as an invasive weed.


Induce a prophetic dream by placing peppermint leaves under your pillow. Some also drink a cup of peppermint tea before going to bed.


Some say that if you put a rose under your pillow, you will have a dream of the individual that could be your partner for the rest of your life.

St. Johns wort

When you wish to dream of your future partner, try putting a bit of St. Johns wort under your pillow.


When rosemary is placed under your pillow and next to your bed, it serves as protection against any harm while you are sleeping.

Bracken Tree

Placing the root of the bracken tree under your pillow is said to help you solve a problem that you’ve been having , an answer may emerge when you wake up in the morning. You may also position the bracken around your home or carry it around in your pocket to protect against the negativity of others.


If you’d like an idea of the kind of man or woman you are destined to be with, it is said that a bag of cinquefoil placed under your pillow or bed will encourage prophetic dreams. The love of your life may come to you while you are sleeping in a dream. Cinquefoils are plants belonging to the rose family that include annual, biennial, and perennial herbs.