Working with Enhanced Resonance Devices

Joel McClain.


A few notes about caution in working with Enhanced Resonance


Having read and (hopefully) absorbed over 1.5MB of data concerning

over-unity and ZPE related devices, and having a substantial

background in electronics, including HVAC, I have a few thoughts to

share regarding the safety of the experimenter.

All of these devices rely on resonance of one form or another.

Resonance can be destructive, regardless of whether the source is

mechanical/audio, magnetic or electrical. We’re all familiar with

the demonstration of the tuning fork shattering the crystal glass,

simply by resonant audio stress. Human organs can likewise be

shattered by mechanical vibrations of adequate frequency and

amplitude. Should you create resonance in, for example, a heart

chamber, fibrillation can occur.

Over and over, resonance is cited in the theory of operation in

free-energy devices. The text file CLEM1.ASC, included with the

CLEM1.GIF file, uses Tesla’s theory of resonant frequencies to

describe the operation of the cooking oil engine. Two things come

to mind:

1. Stability of the machine is compromised at

resonance, just like with the crystal glass. I

believe that this may be part of the reason for

the engine failure in Clem’s demonstration.

2. Cooking oil has a flash point…an experimenter

should be aware of this, as the normal operating

mode of the motor is thermal runaway, limited by

the efficiency of the heat exchanger, which will

degrade over time.

Using 600Hz to extract hydrogen from water seems safe enough,

PROVIDED that you are trained in capturing and compressing hydrogen.

Enough car batteries have exploded for all of us to be aware of the

nature of hydrogen.

The Tesla coil itself, while amazing to watch, is typically

operating well above the voltage range where x-rays are generated.

Mammography machines use 25KV-30KV to x-ray soft tissue. Unshielded

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x-ray is known to cause, among other things, cancer, cataracts,

sterility, arthriris in the appendages, etc. That’s why the most

dangerous part of a CRT is in the back, where the flyback (Tesla)

coil is located.

Nuff’ said? Hardly!

Working with x-ray, I’ve personally seen autotransformers with

shorted windings of heavy copper wire. The short of adjacent

windings creates a circulating current of 1000+Amps, from 20Amps

input! As these windings self-destruct, which is a matter of

seconds, the autotransformer (which was lifted into place with a

fork lift), actually jumped into the air. An energy blast occurs,

which can burn anyone standing too close, provided that they aren’t

hit by the transformer.

Should your Tesla fail in the same mode, you will also be releasing

scalar energy, the effects of which are not thoroughly understood.

Early researchers into other forms of energy have discovered,

sometimes the hard way, of the true power of their products, ala the

Curies. Experimenters in resonance based devices should be aware

that little or nothing is known regarding the long, or even short

term effects of these devices on living tissue…and at the least,

avoid resonating ANYTHING at peak, where it ultimately self-


There are stories about Tesla sitting on a park bench, watching the

pigeons and taking notes. It is said that he believed that the

pigeons were aliens, sent to watch him, so he was studying and

“telepathing” with them. True or not? Who knows? But perhaps he

was over the limit of his brain to absorb scalar energy, resulting

is some scrambled neurons. Since the brain emits scalar waves,

perhaps Tesla had resonated it once too often.

As you may be wondering by now, I’m building a Tesla coil. However,

I’m taking the added precaution of shielding it with copper plated

steel, solidly grounded. I still can’t define the penumbra of the

beam, so I can’t be absolutely sure of the shield’s benefit, but

it’s something, anyway. Odds are, it will be a little safer for me

and my family by using the shield.

My opinion is that, before building an experimental ZPE project,

learn as much as you can about the stress factors, thermal dynamics,

and flash point of any and all of the components in the project

design. Shield yourself, as best you can, and if possible, use some

form of monitoring device to be sure that you aren’t flooding

yourself with any ionizing energy. Ionized cells, whether from

solar radiation or any other power source, can become cancerous.

Avoid devices which distort space-time. Yes, the information is

available to build them, but a sudden power outage can collapse YOU

or anything else in the warp field. And, I doubt if you will

receive posthumous credit for your “discovery”.

Anything else? Oh yeah…

I saw a researcher on the FOX network program “Sightings”, who had

compared the diameter of crop circles, and found that all of the

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different sizes are related to each other in terms of the diatonic

scale, i.e. harmonically resonant. Therefore, I assume that many of

the theories regarding Enhanced Resonance Devices are basically

accurate. It would make sense that the size of a device would be in

sync with the resonant frequency of the power source, or some

harmonic thereof. This also leads me to believe that there is an

optimum frequency relative to gravity and scalar effects, and

therein lies the rub…to sustain this frequency, at power levels

adequate to achieve buoyancy, without super-conductive substrates,

could cause violent molecular disintegration, similar to the crystal


Please feel free to take exception to anything I’ve said in this

file. If you disagree, leave me a message and tell me why. My hope

is that, should you decide to work in the field of ZPE, that you

will find it to be both safe and rewarding.

Joel McClain