World in Collision

In 1950, a man called Immanuel Velikovsky wrote a book: World in Collision. This book talk about the mankind history from Moses story. He explain that a a world cataclysm have been on Earth 3 thousand and 5 hundreds years ago when the Egyptians were under the 10 plagues and Moses was escaping with the other Hebrew from the slavery. He read ancient scriptures from anywhere in the world and all of them are speaking about this cataclysm which devastated almost all humans and all their buildings and infrastructures. It is often told that these kind of cataclysm appeared often in mankind history, the Chinese talk about 10 world, the Maya about 6 ones. Immanuel Velikovsky studied only the last one.

In fact He explain that Venus only appeared recently in our solar system around 1500 B.C. and enter in collision with Mars and was really near the Earth, it made the water going high in the sky and permitted the Hebrew to cross the Red Sea as it is told in the Bible. In fact in 1950, he said that Venus was then hot and was still becoming more hot every day. The scientists said that what he say is purely non-sense and does not correspond to any scientific theory. They said that Venus was cold and stopped its heating since a long time. The NASA then discovered that Mr Velikovsky was in fact right! Furthermore they discovered a Venus tail coming from near the Earth which is still visible now ! Velikovsky indeed told in his book that Venus was a comet which maybe come from Jupiter (Venus come from the thick of Jupiter say the Roman mythology).

Furthermore, he also bet with Einstein that Jupiter emits Radio waves. He again won. The NASA put Velikovsky in the list of men and women who most contribute to Science only in 1976 after they used all his theories. He also said that the Earth changed his rotation axis during the cataclysm and it is why the Europe become cover of Ice and explain why the mammoths died suddenly even when they were still eating ! He also explained that the Earth changed the rotation direction suddenly. In the Bible it is said that the Sun change its direction in the sky and then the day was longer than usual. Interestingly, In South America during the same date, It is told that the night was longer! Velikovsky explained a lot more details in his book. When the book was published, lots of scientists create a scandal. lots of University in USA banned his book. In Germany, it was censured, in France, it was translated in a completely non-sense way. Only, in Canada and England, it was received normally. In the same time, the book was loved by students and become a new way to think about the story of Mankind. He than write another book to support his theory, only based on geological facts this time (instead of religious facts). But this book (Earth upheaval) was not read as the first one was.