Worldwide Illuminati Network NOT Real Illuminati- Exposed

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A sub-par website recently popped up with it’s Halloween debut press release claiming they are launching a Worldwide New-Age Pagan Network featuring 24 hour Internet TV and radio broadcasts with children programming etc. They even went as far as registering their company as “Illuminati Network LLC” to make them sound official. Some Youtubers along with many non-educated sites are running around blowing the horn, claiming that the “ILLUMINATI” is going public with it’s New-Age agenda and using this as their proof..  Here’s and example- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7z8tfpL7co 

Don’t get me wrong- I like Paul Begley and fully support Jesus and the Bible, but his actions are drawing attention to this lil peanuts who want to make it big..  This is simply a case of a new-comer site using powerful words to make themselves sound like they are the real deal, when infact they are nothing more than a fraud psychic failure and another occultist know-it-all trying to cash in on a new-age marketing site.

How do we know this??  First of all- the only 2 real links to back up this store come from HeraldOnline  and Yahoo Finance – and both these sites got this story from the PRESS RELEASE hosted on BusinessWire ..  Keep in mind- anyone can submit a press release to businesswire..  This website launch, nor the “Illuminati Network LLC” has any real mainstream support by any official illuminati members.  It’s simply a ploy by the creators to pretend they are important..

Furthermore, the reports all go on to talk about the “Television Network” they play to broadcast on without mentioning it’s an “Online Television Network”..  This is NOT a real television Network, it’s simply a website!

Interestingly, when we google the co-founder Elizabeth Sturino, the first result is “Jon Donnis Presents The BadPsychics Forum – Elizabeth Sturino” which goes on to talk about her fraud psychic charges..  Followed immediately by NewageFraud.com’s page on her.  Then we google ” Steve McManus” the other co-founder and find he is a host of a blogtalk radio show “Forbidden America Internet Radio Show” which has a total of under 50 followers..  Steve’s name can also be seen poking around the web ob various other pagan social sites with abandoned profiles.

Truly we now know “The Illuminati Network” website is NOT ran by the true Illuminati and is nothing more than a crappy attempt to become a big name in the New-Age community..  Unexplainable.Net No Longer promotes or endorses New-Age thinking and belief. Jesus is the true light.

Don’t believe everything you hear on Youtube- Even if it’s from a Christian Source.