Wyoming Dinosaur Center

If you are a fan of dinosaurs, you might want to plan a trip to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis, Wyoming, which has been rated one of the best dinosaurs in the United States. In this article, you will learn why visitors enjoy checking out the attractions and exhibits of this top-rated dino-related museum.

Things to Do

In addition to exploring the evolution of ancient life with the Walk Through Time exhibit, visiting the Hall of Dinosaurs with the only Archaeopteryx specimen in North America, and viewing fossil fish from Scotland, you can also enjoy a handful of fascinating activities. As a visitor of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, you may participate in the following activities:

Dig for a Day ”“ The mountains above the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, visitors can unlock the secrets of ancient creatures ”“ all located at the northern end of the Wind River Canyon. The layers of the rock are home to a deposit of dinosaur bones that date back millions of years. With the Dig for a Day program, people of all ages can explore the ancient past. The program is offered every day of the week ”“ from 8am to 5pm. Following a brief orientation, visitors are introduced to local geology and paleontology. They will learn about digging techniques and how to collect data. The cost for this digging experience is $150.00 for each adult and $80.00 for each child. When making a reservation, a $50.00 deposit is required.

Dig Site Tours ”“ Running daily from 9am to 4pm, Dig Site Tours take place at the SI Quarry, which is one of the few documented feeding sites of the dinosaur named the Allosaurus. Some of the things that one may encounter on the tour include viewing sauropod bones with teeth impressions, as well as footprints of therapods and sauropods. Teeth of different kinds of dinosaurs are also on display.

Visiting the Wyoming Dinosaur Center

If you are interested in visiting the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, you will find this attraction located at 110 Carter Ranch Rd.

The hours of operation for the museum are 10 am to 5 pm during the winter season (September 16 to May 14), while the museum is open from 8 am to 6 pm in the summertime (May 15 to September 15). The museum offers different hours for the winter and summer season. From, adult visitors will pay $10, while kids 4 to 13, seniors 60 and over, and veterans pay $5.50. Kids that are three years old and under do not pay anything to enter the museum. The museum also offers different rates for groups and school field trips throughout the year.

To enjoy a dig site tour, adults pay $12.50, while kids 4 to 13, seniors 60 and over, and veterans pay $8.75. Once again, kids aged three years or younger are free to enjoy the dig site. To enjoy the museum and dig site tour during one visit, adults will pay $18.50, while kids 4 to 13, seniors 60 and over, and veterans pay $11.75. Kids that are three years old or younger are not expected to pay anything to enjoy these activities.