You Do Not Want Your Daughter to Watch Beyonce’s Illuminati-Filled Music Video for ‘Haunted’

There really is no need for Beyonce to flaunt her sexuality, and if we didn’t know any better, it seems that the ultra-popular music artist is experiencing some sort of mid-life crisis at an early age. The lyrics of her most recent songs and accompanying visuals and music videos are becoming increasingly aggressive and over-sexualized to the point of unnecessary overkill. From her latest songs, ‘Grown Woman’ and ‘Haunted,’ the messages she is spreading, as well as the inserted symbolism in the music videos that we’ve come to associate with secret societies (like the Illuminati), are quite disturbing.

Beyonce has been in the news lately – from angering religious groups with an Instagram photo showing the singer positioned in front of Jesus in a ‘Last Supper’ painting to upsetting NASA by incorporating sensitive recorded material into one of her songs. But, is all this really a surprise?

A change seems to have come over Beyonce over the last couple of years that is growing increasingly disturbing. Not even having a daughter has promoted the R&B singer to tone down some of her sexually charged lyrics or suggestive moves seen in her most recent music lyrics and videos…if fact, they seemed to have gotten worse.

Being a respectable role model for today’s young girls has completely gone out the window.

Also, the symbolism and messages found in a lot of her lyrics and videos give another cause for alarm.

For example, let’s take one of her singles from her latest self-titled album released on December 13, 2013; it’s called ‘Haunted’ and the music video has a great deal of interesting references and symbolism that appears throughout that include:

Single Eye Symbolism

The start of the music video shows outdated pieces of electronic equipment, and then out of nowhere, a flash of single eye symbolism appears on the screen of one of them. This symbol is known to represent the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati. Whether placed intentionally to rile the masses or not, the symbolism is still what it is. This single eye also makes an appearance throughout the video on more than one occasion. Other TV screen flicker out images of the brain and skull. At one point, a complete eye inside of an eyeball is shown.

Horned Gods & Other Strange Characters

As Beyoncé walks through the halls of this ‘haunted’ house, she encounters a variety of characters. One is a woman that resembles a witch holding a cat that hisses at the singer. There is also a demon-like creature with horns seen in one of the rooms of the house – the horn feature usually represents demons, the Devil, or some sort of worship. Others have noted that this character and another that it appears next to is a reference to Moloach and Ba’al.

Nods to Freemasonry

A pair of twins appears in the music video; they are dressed in black and white outfits. Others have noted that the girls are representative of the “twin pillars of Freemasonry.” The combination of black and white, and depictions of duality are associated with the secret society, the Freemasons, who heavily embrace such themes, and incorporate the light and dark aspect of those colors into their own Masonic temples. In subsequent scenes, the twins look almost possessed.

The black and white symbolism continues in the video with an extremely scantily clad dancer dressed in black and white, as well as four males with white face paint that look reminiscent to a film titled ‘Dead Presidents.’