Zombie Movies of the 90s

When it comes to horror movies, a remake is a common method of keeping the plot alive. With a fresher take and new characters, the storyline is meant to capture a whole new crop of fans. In this article, you will learn about a popular zombie movie remake that appeared during the 1990s, as well as a couple of other films that hit the screen during that time period.

“Night of the Living Dead” (1990)

The “Night of the Living Dead” has many different variations and has served as the inspiration for several other movies, but this 1990 remake was the first in line after the original. The movie was actually directed by Tom Savini, who played the character of Sex Machine in the vampire flick, “From Dusk til Dawn.” The film follows along the same lines as the original zombie movie (the undead come to life seeking food from humans trapped in a farmhouse), but pales in comparison. However, it is still an entertaining piece to watch.  The movie also delivers a performance of Tony Todd ”“ best known as ‘Candyman.’

“Cemetery Man” (1994)

Not all zombie movies bring a terror in the night. Some offer the humorous side of zombies as this film is marketed as a comedy horror. Based on a novel by Tiziano Sclavi, “Cemetery Man” stars Rupert Everett as Francesco Dellamorte ”“a graveyard caretaker placed in the position to kill the undead when they become zombies. Dellamorte watches over the cemetery of Buffalora ”“ located in a small town in the north of Italy. All of a sudden, corpses begin to rise from their tombs and it is up to Dellamorte to kill them. The cemetery man will experience different obstacles and even finds love. Entertainingly, you will also see him fight off a pack of zombie boy scouts.

“Bride of the Re-Animator” (1990)

In 1985, the Re-Animator became a popular cult classic and this film became the first sequel to emerge. The movie highlights Doctors Herbert West and Dan Cain, who seem to have uncovered the secret to creating human life. They start to work on creating a perfect woman using dead tissue. The next sequel in line was called “Beyond Re-Animator” and was released in 2003. In this film, Herbert West has been sent to jail, but gets a chance to experiment when he’s called upon by an infirmary doctor for his help.

“Plaga Zombie” (1997 )

If you’re looking for a foreign movie that touches upon the subject of zombies, perhaps “Plaga Zombie” (also referred to as ‘The Beginning’) would make a suitable selection. Hailing from Argentina, it is said that this film was actually only made with less than $120. Cake frosting served as the makeup and the directors used other things that they found in an effort to cut costs. A sequel titled, “Plaga Zombie: Mutant Zone” was also released.