Alien On Mars?- Photos From Rover Spirit (UPDATED)

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by

There is a NASA image floating around that has been making a huge splash online recently. Mars Rover Spirit sent a picture back from the surface of Mars that shows what might be a walking Alien taking a stroll on Mars!

It appears to be a humanoid Alien walking downhill on Mars.

The original image can still be found on the NASA.gov website, and the figure is completely still visible.  The image below will pinpoint exactly where to zoom in to see the possible Alien.

Here is the link to the image on NASA

Original NASA Image

Unexplainable.net recognizes the possibility that this may be a figure of an Alien, but also does not deny that this image may in fact be a natural formation of rock compiled with shadows that could result in the image looking like something which it is not.  We have not yet passed judgment on this photo, as we can not guarantee our readers it is an actual picture of an Alien, but we do believe it is intriguing enough to investigate.


NASA has made a comment on the image. According to NASA, the image of the Alien is actually a 2 inch rock that has been carved by the windy Martian atmosphere.

The official word is that this is NOT an Alien on Mars, but rather a natural formation made from winds eroding rock.