EXAMINER: Vancouver Futurist and former DARPA Time Traveler question de facto Mars truth embargo

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Vancouver UFO Examiner

Jon Kelly

The deep politics of Mars were explored by distinguished Vancouver
futurist, Alfred Lambremont Webre and Andrew D. Basiago,
lawyer and author of “The Discovery of Life on Mars”, during Wednesday
night’s broadcast of Truth Frequency Radio. During the show,
Basiago stated that by calling him both a “nut” and a “disinformation
agent” on Coast to Coast AM, the Enterprise
‘s Richard C. Hoagland had surrendered “the mantle of
leadership of Mars research.” Other statements by the pair described
their encounters with “CIA enforcement” along with a de facto
North American truth embargo of information about the reality of life on

A shot in the dark

A recent media
flash point highlighting Mars research was a May 26, 2010 comment made
by the Enterprise Mission’s Richard C. Hoagland on Coast to Coast AM, the
most-listened-to late night talk radio show in North America. In
refusing to respond to a request for comment by a caller regarding the
work of Basiago, Hoagland explained why in this way:

an absolute 100% nut and he is being paid by the intelligence agencies
to spread disinformation far and wide.”


to his biography, Andrew D. Basiago, a graduate of both UCLA and the
University of Cambridge, is a lawyer, writer, and 21st century
visionary. The team leader of Project Pegasus, he is an emerging figure
in the Disclosure Movement who is leading a campaign to lobby the United
States government to disclose such controversial truths as the fact
that Mars harbors life and that the United States has achieved “quantum
access” to past and future events.


Alfred Webre’s biography
describes him as a space activist who works with others to prevent the
“weaponization” of space and transform the permanent war economy into a
sustainable, peaceful, cooperative, Space Age society, re-integrating
with a larger, intelligent Universe society. Webre is the author of “EXOPOLITICS:
Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe


Panel enforcer


During their interview on Truth
Frequency Radio, Basiago and Webre both responded to false and
defamatory attacks made against them by Hoagland on Coast.

pointed out:

[On] one program he called me “crazy”. He
actually called me “crazy”… Paola Harris was
in the living room with him and can testify to that, and there are 15
million people that heard him call me “crazy” because of these
assertions that I’m making that there’s present life on Mars. That
sounds a lot to me like what the Robertson Panel recommendations were,
right? In other words, why should Richard C. Hoagland, another private
researcher, be enforcing … the CIA
Robertson Panel
recommendations of 1953 to debunk any researcher and
ridicule them in public if they bring up extraterrestrial issues?“ 

later asked again, “How is it that Mr. Hoagland, who supposedly is a
private citizen and is a researcher, can now get up and with impunity on
a program that goes to 15 million people and apply the standards of the
1953 Robertson Panel?”

Intelligence attack


directly to Hoagland’s remarks, Basiago attempted to clarify:

which am I? Am I crazy, or am I working in a very un-crazy way to
spread disinformation for US intelligence agencies? In other words,
these are two claims that are impossible to both be true simultaneously,
so each discredits the other claim.” 

Basiago also
gave his version of the chronology of events leading up to the flash
point on Coast:

We had just proved at Alien Event, that
Mars is inhabited. And I had just called on the second man to walk on
the Moon, in this epoch of civilization at least, namely, Buzz Aldrin to
evaluate our data and either affirm or deny the premise that Mars is
inhabited … I think this actually provoked the US intelligence
community working through Richard Hoagland to attack me in the way that
he did.”

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