Is This a Picture of a Lake On Mars?

Last Updated on June 2, 2020 by admin

Bogeyman writes: Is this a lake on Mars ….look at the reflections in the water and why are there no potholes or craterholes in this area if it’s not a lake ?Also look at the flow marks on the cliff above it ???????

Bogeyman (see pic at bottom)

Jim Writes: Good pic Bogeyman.. Looks like a lake was there at one time. Heres what I think From studying the recent mars pictures, I am convinced that a large amount of Fine grated sand, or volcanic ash is blown around during martian sand storms.

I think this material is different than ordinary sand because it is light and covers objects when it’s disturbed. In the picture Posted, I think that spot could have been a lake at one time. But the proportions and texture of the lake surface doesn’t look like water to me. I do indeed believe a lake of liquid could have once existed there, and the picture portrays the lake bed, and surrounding brinks properly.

But it appears the lake surface is covered with something other than water. Possible during the downfall of Mars, fires and scorchings persisted for a long time. Maybe Volcanoe’s errupted, dooming the once lively planet, while sending Volcanic ash throughout the land.

Overtime, this light, fluffy ash covered many natural features. Now lakebeds, caves, and other standstills are unrecognizable due to this Ash deposit.