Mars Life-White House Being Briefed About Martian Discoveries

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This story was updated 8/06/08 with new information. To see the update, visit https://www.unexplainable.net/mars/mars-rovers-send-back-a-ufo-streaking-across-mars-atmosphere.php

It appears that NASA found something pretty interesting on Mars. So interesting that the President and the White House were briefed on the matter and are seeking approval for it’s public announcement. If approved, NASA plans to announce it min to late August or maybe even in September so they can gather more analytical reviews beforehand.

Although there are no information leaks yet, sources say that the announcement will not confirm present or past life on Mars, but add to the pool of evidence that Mars either has or had a habitable environment at the Phoenix arctic landing site.

Although this is nothing astonishing to most of us, the announcement of life elsewhere needs to be taken slowly in the eyes of government. It seems that all Martian discoveries have been perfectly planned and are following the most gradual format possible. First there’s oxygen, then there have been water in the past, now there is ice, and an announcement followed that the soil could support certain plant life like asparagus. What next?

The other data not discussed openly yet are far more “provocative,” Phoenix officials say.

Phoenix scientists have said from the start that neither the TEGA organic chemistry lab nor the MECA wet chemistry system could detect current or past life. MECA’s two microscopes do, however, have the resolution to detect bacteria–which would be life. Sources, however, say the microscopes have not detected bacteria.

We are hoping by the end of this Phoenix mission we will have hard evidence that past microbial life did exist in the Martian past. Even this wouldn’t be a jaw-dropping discovery for most of us, but at least it will pave the way for future missions and announcements. If the hammer drops and discloses life elsewhere (even microbial), the population here on Earth will be more accepting and conditioned to even more astounding announcements and truths.