Mars Rover Might Have a fossil in a Martian Rock. See the Picture

Last Updated on June 9, 2020 by admin

We see spirals here on Earth often.  In sea shells, In pine cones, tornado, and such. But it appears a Rock on the surface of Mars also has a small spiral fossil embedded in it.

When NASA used the Rovers RAT (rock abrasion tool) they grinded part of a Martian Rock away.  To their surprise, they happened to cut a few “blueberries” that we now know is made from Hematite Which formed in Salty Martian Water.

But what the photos also reveal is a small spiral shaped fossil like thing embedded in the rock.  Now common sense suggests, If you had a rock that formed in the presence of Liquid salty water, and there is a spiral fossil, One must assume it is remains of a life-form.

If this a real Martian Artifact From Past Life?