Mars Rover Opportunity Finds Salty Sea Full Of Evidence

 A salty sea was Once covering the Meridiani Planum Area on Mars!  Nasa conducted a press briefing at 2pm est underlying their finds. 

Where there is salty sea’s, there is most definitely life.  The hard part will be locating the fossils.  But scientists are still optimistic about the possible discovery of LIFE ON MARS…  They say the rocks and sediment deposits are the exact perfect type that might hold fossils for millions of years. Many amateur Mars Observers are already reporting news about possible fossil finds. We may find out soon..

This is truly a remarkable event, for this is the first time in human history, That a government department stated there is probably life on more planets than Earth.  If life in in-fact confirmed on the red planet, this will rise the question,  If sea life was possible, does this mean human life was possible? The answer just may come our way in the near future.

The Rovers are reported healthy and well, But it is a time game.  At first NASA was counting on 90 days on mars. As we are rapidly approaching the end of the rovers lifespan, the batteries are wearing just as rapidly.  Scientists predict we might get another week or two more than previously thought.

This brings the good news. Now that we know for certainty that water did in-fact flow on Mars, NASA can concentrate on finding fossils. Earlier in the mission, NASA was directing toe Rovers towards water evidence. The up-most important issue was to find evidence of water.  Now that that is accomplished, NASA can focus more attention to finding the remains of a living organism.

Still Developing Check back soon for more

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