More Anomalies From The Mars Rovers – What are these Objects On Mars?

 Since the Mars Rover Mission began, There has been some interesting discoveries on Mars.  Starting with the Water evidence NASA announced, The question remains,  Is there alot more to see?

Several web-sites began analyzing NASA’s mission photos of Mars surface, and some very strange object and pictures been emerging. It is a possibility the weird objects are natural made, and There is a possibility that these objects fall short of “Nature”.


6 Pics with descriptions taken directly from NASA Images
Note. Some images may be able to be explained



Is this object Made of rock, or is it remains from a skeletal body?  Perhaps it is a part from left-over machinery Martians once used.  I guess we will never know!
Hmm..  Tenticle like solids growing out of Mars? Well that what it appears to be to me.  Perhaps this is some strange rock, but It looks like something much more in my eyes.
This Skull picture Shows proof that there are hollow objects on Mars.  We all know Rocks are Solid..  WHy is light peering through the eye-hole of this picture?
Is this a Naturally forming Flat Rock Chair?  Hmm..  I donno, I never seen a Rock so perfectly formed before in all my life.  It looks as if it was Carved to fit a person sitting down.  You can tell this chair is flipped backwards.  Amazing
Same pic as above but with inverted colors and flipped to normal position. 
The amazing Foot on Mars is spectacular..  Why does the toe section have little ripple ridges in it?  How the heck was this rock naturally made?