Proof of Life on Mars?

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A photograph making the rounds in paranormal circles is being touted as evidence of an artificial structure on the Martian surface.  Some have even gone so far as to suggest the object could even be an “alien base” or landing platform for extraterrestrial spacecraft.  In our research we have confirmed that it is a landing platform, and the origins are alien, but not of the sort we were hoping for.

The image has even been the subject of a youtube video by a user claiming it to be the final proof we’ve all been waiting for to the existence of extraterrestrials on the Martian surface.  Every year Mars probes send back images of the planet’s surface and included are several anomalous photos of what appear to be unknown creatures, special locations, and mysterious anomalous artifacts.  Of course many of these are quickly debunked while some still remain unexplained to this day.  One such photo was of the tiny anthropomorphic looking Martian creature said to be a bipedal woman with her face wrapped in some sort of scarf.  This image, when analyzed, showed that such a woman would have been only a few inches tall.  In the end the photograph was discredited and considered to be a rock formation.

But this most recent photograph appears to many to be too artificial to be a rock formation.  The image shows a tapered inverted shape with straight lines appearing as though it were a man made structure.  The truth is it really was man made and it was a landing platform.  The Spirit rover’s landing platform was one of the first objects recorded on the Martian surface.

Speculation over the plethora of Spirit’s transmitted images has been pouring in since NASA lost contact with the rover on March 22, 2010.  After that point, the image found its way to youtube and has been generating a buzz ever since being labeled proof of life on Mars.

But the shape is a bit too familiar to be of such an exotic origin.  The Spirit Rover, when it landed, deployed a balloon filled shield to absorb shock as the craft landed on the planet’s surface.  After only a short period of time, the Spirit then rolled off of the surface and started recording the red planet’s strange landscape.  Photos of the landing platform soon got lost in the shuffle and forgotten.  It’s only natural that when they were rediscovered out of context they would appear to look like final proof of a Martian artifact.

But this isn’t to suggest that finding something on the Red Planet would be impossible.  Though it has failed to discover anything just yet, the Mars Rover is constantly transmitting back information about a planet that is gradually becoming more and more hospitable for life and could indeed be seeded at some point in the future to host a human colony bent on reaching the stars.  Until then we have only the photos to remind us of this harsh and unforgiving landscape, and this photo comes from the alien race known as humanity invading Martian soil.