Pyramids Dicovered on Mars

Is there life on Mars?  Mankind started looking for these answers in 1976.  They first took a picture from Mars that looked like a human face.  Many said that the face was a bunch of rocks.  Others said that is was manipulation on light hiting the planet.  The origin of the face still remains a mystery.  There are scientists that say that it could be a message from an ancient civilization that may have existed or still exists underneath the surface of Mars.

Powerful telescopes that are from a satellite that orbit Mars have found new evidence of life on Mars.  The telescopes took pictures of nine pyramids on the surface of Mars.  The pyramids on Mars are not of natural origin.  The images are striking resemblance to human and animal faces, as well as large drawings of primates and canines.

Andrew Basiago, the president of Mars Anomaly Research Society, named the discovery “A New Cydonia.”  Scientists believe that there a re thre civilization on Mars, one of which are hidden underneath the surface of Mars.

The scientist previously said that the pictures, taken by Spirit rover, contained images of five primate species, one of which he named ‘Sendak.’ Basiago is certain that Mars used to be a home for a highly-developed civilization. However, a space catastrophe, which supposedly hit the planet about 11,500 years ago, destroyed nearly everything on the Red Planet, as well as Atlantis on Earth. Some of the Martians, the scientist believes, moved to Earth afterwards.