Rover Pictures Show Surface Of Mars Covered In Human Faces

Rover Pictures Show Surface Of Mars Covered In Human Faces

All these pictures are from the Mars Rover Spirit. Just Cut Outs, No Doctoring Done At-All.  It’s amazing how these pictures all reveal human like faces that seem to be carved into stone.  If you would like to see the full NASA Pictures before they were cut, you can request it from us here at Unexplainable.net 

This face is pretty vivid.  It has a big perfectly formed nose, the visible eye is in proper alignment, and there may even be a beard and mustache that could look real.  His hair is also vividly positioned in a proper manner.  Is this a face, or just a rock that was naturally shaped like this?

This face has more of the female look.  The noses in these rock faces seem to be bigger and more obtrusive than humans today. But again, the geometrical features on this face are aligned to the T.  She even has nice hair.
This Face Rock is more Ape like.  Flat straight hair that makes a point in the center of the forehead. A more Ape-like nose and cheeks.  But once again,  you can tell this probably isn’t natural formations.
This Picture shows something that most definitely isn’t a rock.  Looks like a metal helmet or really round face.  Its amazing this object is so perfectly designed, with eyes and a mouth. 
Same pic as above but in color


 Original un-cut Nasa Released images which contained these faces can be downloaded in a zip format here.

Now Compare The NEW 2004 Face Presented By Unexplainable.net to the 1976 Mars Surveyor Image of the 1 mile long face located in cydonia.  The facial Features of the hair, eyes, noses, ect. are extremely similar.  I think we will be seeing many more faces in the near future that take the same resemblence. 

New 2004 Face shown on right,  Old 1976 Huge Face shown on right.