The Face on Mars

The Face on Mars



These pictures are actual pictures of mars from NASA’s Viking 1

The face on mars is in no doubt proof of extraterrestrial life.  Perhaps in 1976 when these photographs were taken, the world was not ready for alien contact.  But in today’s society, it is widely accepted that Earth is probably NOT the only planet that can sustain life.  We are debating if there is life on our neighboring planet (Mars) so one can not possibly assume there is no other life out there.  

These pictures show extreme detail.  The face features are perfectly in line, and is undoubtedly  made by intelligent beings.  Not only the face, but also all the pyramids in Cydonia (41 degrees North Latitude) are huge perfectly scaled Pyramids exactly resembling the Pyramids found in Egypt Today. 

Mars was once a green vast world flowing with water and life.  We are able to identify frozen water at Mars’s Poles, and even evaluate it’s river beds and grooves left behind.  Something along the way caused Mars to terminate it’s life.  Today Mars is covered with common Rust, and has very little oxygen.  But mars is almost breathable to humans, and does contain Oxygen and Hydrogen.  And when these two elements are combined, You have water.. 

Mars has an orbit like earth, with it’s days a little shorter than ours..  Mars is slightly bigger than half Earths size and revolves around the sun close enough to be considered in the comfort zone.  Although Mars is currently colder than Earth, it was once much warmer.

An atmosphere surrounding a planet can cause the greenhouse effect.  If Earth did not have a relatively thick atmosphere, it would be much colder.  Our atmosphere holds heat in that was given off my the sun.  Mars once had a thick flourishing atmosphere encircling the planet.  When the atmosphere diminishes, life diminishes as well as heat.


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