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The Holy Grail! FREE Energy Method.

 How to align a magnet and a coil to work in unions. No drag, and the magnet speeds up as you pull current.

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burning sage

10 amazing plants to promote spirituality and positivity

burning sageAren’t we all tired of pollution? The one thing that amazed us all during the lockdown was, how fresh the air is in reality. We thrived and along with us, nature was in full bloom. But as the lockdown is coming to an end, pollution is back in action (and now more than ever).

Though there are several air purifiers available in the market, are they all worth it? There have been cases reported that air purifiers are causing throat irritation, cough, dryness, respiratory problems, etc. Not to forget but they are also costly.

You might be thinking, what can be done? What if I tell you that I can tell you a cost-effective, beautiful idea that will not only purify your air but will also bring peace and positivity?

Sounds interesting right! Well, there are several plants provided to us by mother nature that promote positivity, reduce stress, boost mood, and remove air pollutants. They help you grow spiritually. But why do we need plants for spirituality?

Plants for spirituality

Spirituality doesn’t come easy to everyone. You might be drawn to the subject but still, you might have a hard time figuring it out.


The Holy Grail! FREE Energy Method.

 How to align a magnet and a coil to work in unions. No drag, and the magnet speeds up as you pull current.

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One benefit that I experienced when I first welcomed these plants is that I felt calmer. During the lockdown, I used to have a hard time working from home. My work and sleep cycle were disturbed and I always felt stressed.

One day while rearranging my home interiors, I brought some plants from the garden to my room window. Initially, I just thought that it looked good. But after long working hours, the fresh breeze coming from my window smelled different. It was because of the plants.

I would take a small walk around my room near the window and feel fresh just by being around them.

Later I started taking out time for meditation and I would feel much more positive. Not only did they absorb carbon-di-oxide but also aid in spiritual awakening. Plants are sacred because of the spirits that dwell inside them. Plants are sensitive to the stimuli around them and tend to remove anything negative they feel.

The time I took to nurture and water them made me feel kind, calm, and love. I have started learning more about the positivity plants can provide and I have shared some insights with you.

Here are 10 amazing plants that promote spirituality and positivity in our lives.

Plants for spiritual growth

Love, joy, positivity, healing, peace, prosperity. Do you know what all these words remind us of? They remind us of home.

It doesn’t matter what the world throws at us, we know that our home will take all that stress away. A home is a place where you seek positivity. Several factors can make you feel positive, and one such factor that can promote endless positivity is plants.

Such indoor plants are studies as ‘sacred botany’ and are believed to be very helpful in healing, nourishing, and even meditation. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • Lotus – In mud and murk a beautiful flower grows, in dark times purity is what it provides. Lotus is a very sacred flower in Hinduism and it provides purity, enlightenment, and peace. Lotus is also mentioned in Buddhist and Tibetian mantras. The Egyptians believed that the dead people could reincarnate as the lotus.

The lotus pose in yoga is considered an important position for meditation and pranayam. It also promotes long life and fortune.

  • Aloe vera – There is no end to the skin and health benefits this plant brings to humans. If your skin is healthy and your skin is clear you are automatically positive. Egyptians use it for the mummification process as they believe it is a part of the link between the present life and the afterlife. They called it the plant of immortality.

Aloe vera symbolizes healing. People believe that it is connected to the energy of the sun and the moon. It has also been used for spiritual baths, elevating spiritual energy, and good luck. Aloe vera should be made as to the king plant for humans.

  • Basil – It is a holy plant in India. People believe that wilting basil leaves are an indication of negativity in the house. It has antioxidant properties and can harness positive vibrations in our environment. It has numerous health benefits.

In the victorian era, it conveys good wishes to the receiver. It helps to steady the mind and African cultures believe that it protects family and friends if we carry it along in our pockets.

  • Lavender – There is a reason why lavender is the most popular essential oil of aromatherapy. They reduce stress levels, promote relaxation, manage blood pressure, eliminate toxins.  It also symbolizes new opportunities and adventures. It promotes serenity, love, and calmness around you.
  • Bamboo – you might have seen it in many offices and homes. It does look beautiful but that is not the only purpose that it serves. Bamboo has air purifying properties, a much-needed quality!.

Someone once told me that if you record bamboo for an hour and then play the video at 2x speed, you can see it grow a little. This speedy growth of the plant is linked with personal growth. It clears your negative energy, bolsters self-worth, and clears your energy channels.

  • Rosemary – It is nicknamed the ‘purification plant’. It acts as a repellent of negative energy, and if you keep it near the door of your meditation room, it will prevent any negative energy coming from you or any other family member.

It is used as a protective herb and for spiritual cleansing.

  • Vetiver – a plant less heard but holds magical properties. Vetiver has mental healing properties for people who are suffering from traumas and have increasing vital energy flowing within. It has been very useful in chakra balancing.

It acts as a gap between the root chakra and crown chakra. It also calms our root chakra suffering from traumas.

  • Thyme – It is very useful in fighting the negative energies around you. If you keep it under your pillow or inside the pillowcase, it can help you fight nightmares. Greek soldiers used to put it in bathwater to promote courage.

They are also used to ease your grief by hanging them in your doors or windows.

  • Peyote – is a spineless cactus that is found near Texas and Mexico. Tribal people of these places believe that peyote helps them converse with God. They say that it triggers hallucinations and gives you visions of the spirit world (alternative reality). It is also used in many American churches and some groups practice peyotism.
  • Sage – I knew you might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned sage till now. Don’t worry it’s on my list. It’s the purification plant. You purify your land, your home, and yourself using sage. It can spiritually clean space of bad energy.

It is used for healing and clearing superpowers. Burning sage can remove bacteria from the air and it can enhance a good mood around.

Many other plants are said to have spiritual benefits. One plant which I never thought would make it to the list was the Cactus. An encounter with one of my colleague’s guru opened me to the spiritual benefits of cactus.

  • ‘I went with my colleague to her yoga guru. He has this beautiful garden and I could spot many cactus in his garden, in the window of the yoga room. I couldn’t help but ask why? The guru then explained to me that cactus can thrive even in intense conditions. It promotes endurance and strength’.

The real treasure comes from inside of the plant and it teaches us exactly that. It’s a constant reminder that no matter how you look on the outside, it’s the inside that matters.

It protects you against unwanted instructions and negativity.

  • While I was researching the spiritual uses of cactus, I found an article. When consumed in a ceremony with a shaman, it can help you perceive auras of animals, trees, rivers, etc. It increases the benefits of healing practices like reiki, tai chi, yoga, etc.

Plants have been a source of inspiration and positivity. Next time when you buy new plants for your house you might need to consider these.

Nature has always been strong and kind and a little bit of it around you will surely have magical effects on your life. I wonder what magical and spiritual journey you might have in encountering these plants.

They are the path to a spiritual awakening story of your own.