5 tips to decrease depression without medication!

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Depression is one of the most widespread
mental sickness in which a person experiences deep, regular sadness
and less interest in nearly all activities.

At least 8 percent of adults in the

United States experience serious
depression at some point during their lives and estimated range as high as 17

People with depression often have feelings of anguish, hopelessness, and
irrelevance, as well as thoughts of committing suicide.

Depressive personality behavior includes pessimism, self-criticism,
gloominess, nervousness, extreme skepticism and criticism of others.

Stressful experiences may include divorce, the loss of a job and
pregnancy, loneliness, economic strain, early childhood trauma, Alcohol or drug

Tip #1: Healthy
habits in daily life


Depression can be controlled simply by exercise, nourishing diet, talk
to a supportive friend, spend some time in natural environment, read a good
book, watch a sitcom or funny movie, listen to music and enjoy a company of

Take a long drive regularly and do investigate the root cause of

Tip #2: Cultivating
supportive relationships

Ask for moral support from friends and family who are supportive and
available to help you through thick and thin. Do locate people around you who
are suffering with depression. Try to learn from their and experiences and
share your experience. Be positive and optimistic and get courage by listening
sorrows of other and evaluate the intensity of your depression. Talk loudly and
confidently with people and share your worldview. Help poor and deserving
people and make a spiritual contact with Sufi Saints.


Tip #3: Reducing stress


Be patient! This is the most important point to remember. Depression can
hurt relationships and affect everyday activity. It takes patience and time to
help a depressed person. A depressed person may experience mood swings and may
feel like giving up. Stay focused and don’t give up.


Laugh! Do this every day and all night long if you feel like it. Go to
bed happy and get out of bed if you are unhappy.


Tip #4: Changing negative thinking


Always Keep in mind you have two choices in life. You can spend the next
five minutes being happy, or the next five minutes being sad. Whether happy or sad,
you are using the same amount of energy and liveliness in those five minutes.
The option you make could revolutionize your life forever. Spend time doing the
things you enjoy and take benefit from it, and stay away from doing things you
don’t. Go out and meet with people you like, and stay away from people you
don’t. Live every minute like it’s your last.


Tip #5: Psychotherapy


“Talk therapy” is used alone for treatment of depression. It generates
no physiological side effects. Depending on the severity of the depression,
treatment can take a few weeks or considerably longer. However, in many cases,
significant improvement can be made in 10 to 15 sessions. Consult with
therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.