A Collection of Powerful Crystals

Some crystals and gemstones are used to decorate necklaces, bracelets and rings, and many are chosen for their color and beauty. However, others are more interested in tapping into the power and energy associated with certain crystals and gemstones, such as the ruby and amethyst.

Clear Quartz ”“ Clear quartz (also known as rock crystal) is known as a powerful healing stone that is considered as one of the most versatile. Healers turn to the clear quartz for many different reasons, from easing the blisters of burns and soothing pain. When the stone is placed on the part of the body or chakra in need of healing, it is believed that the crystal can treat ailments of the heart, stomach or bowels. When using other stones to heal, quartz is thought to enhance their abilities.

Malachite ”“ The green-colored malachite crystal is associated with causing a powerful energy that can heal. The gemstone has been connected to the ancient times of Egypt, where the people utilized the stone to protect pregnant women, as well as reduce the pain that comes with childbirth. Other ways to use the crystal include reducing pain and inflammation, as well as addressing issues with metabolism. To intensify the outcome of malachite, pair the gemstome with azurite or chrysocolla to get the best results.

Ruby ”“ When it comes to using one of the most high energy gems in the world, the ruby ranks on the top of the list. Known to promote healing on all different levels, the ruby is associated with passion and stimulating vitality. With a powerful influence on the root chakra, the ruby works towards removing blocks and affecting all emotions. Those who believe in the crystal believe that rubies can improve the chances of conceiving a child, removing blood clots, improving circulation, and making the heart muscle stronger.  

Amethyst ”“ Healers and meditators believe in the power of the amethyst ”“ wearing the gem so that they can focus their energies in direct ways. The gem is believed to overcome an addiction and can help with drug addicts and alcoholics. The amethyst is also connected to relieving physical and emotional pain. In traditional circles, healers will use the gemstone to address a host of female issues, such as preventing miscarriages, easing pregnancy discomforts and encouraging an easier delivery of a child. Other ways to use the gemstone is to treat insect bites, migraines, asthma and decrease pain.

Citrine ”“ With the ability to prevent disruptive dreams and eliminate negative energy, citrine is an orange or yellow colored crystal that some believe is connected to bringing prosperity and good fortune when a user least expects it. Other ways to use citrine is to address constipation issues, detoxify the body, and unclog the liver. The stone is also used for protective purposes.