Ajna (6th chakra)

Ajna is the sixth primary chakra, it is the frontal chakra, often known as the third eye. It is located on the middle of the front, one finger above the nose. Ajna means “command” in the sense of spiritual guidance (guru’s command). When the kundalini pass by this chakra, the different energies and feelings from the lower chakras become one. It is the path to the dissolution of the self into the cosmic One. It brings spiritual power and leadership. It is the link between all sense and include them all. It could be called the chakra of the sixth sense. It know the future , the present and the past all in the same way. It is the center of the consciousness and thus the commandment. It is the chakra by which you control your action and decide. The endocrine system equivalent is the hypophyse which is the center of the emotions and have important, even primordial role in the consciousness awareness. It rules the feelings and memories interpretation. Ajna chakra is symbolized by a two petals flower bearing the Sanskrit mantra: “ham” and “ksham” on each of its petals. Ida and Pingala are the two psychic channels that the petals represent. This chakra is the union of this two channel. The dominant colors of this chakra are purple, blue and yellow. Its corresponding planet is said to be Saturn, the planet of psychic power. Its music note is A. Several stones are said to be related to Ajna, they are the purple, blue and yellow stones: purple zircon, lapis lazuli, amber… This chakra correspond to the jasmin and mint flavor.

Ajna chakra is the chakra of the age between 35 to 42 and rules imagination and the connection with god. It is the last step to the last chakra. It is the chakra of mind. the wise chakra. The third eye rules the rational mind as well as the intuition and the extrasensory perception. The chakra of the Heart create the intuition, while Ajna permits to use it. Ajna is the chakra of the intelligence, visualization and imagery. It is the seat of the consciousness which grow the germs of idea that we received from the cosmos. Then the idea go in each chakra until it reach the first one where everything materialize: it is the birth. If the chakra is not well awake, imitation is used instead of creation. People with a bad Ajna chakra are influenced heavily by advertisement for example and political leaders.