Alien Connection

My name is Michael Rubin. I am living in Pune, India, and work as a writer and research assistant. I have co-authored three Ph.D theses on varied subjects, but I prefer fiction/poetry. I joined the New Age in Bangkok,Thailand, when I lived there from 1990. The NewAge began in the 1980s in America, Asia is a few years late. An American friend introducved me, gave me various meditation techniques and mantras, all of which yielded results (faith is amazing, eh?)  The New Age corresponds to reports about The Zeta Greys (which I mentiond in one story I wrote) and Sananda (Jesus’ new avatar), the Ashtar, The Arcturians,m Pleiedians, and Sagittarians (aliens and not zodiac), all whom are seeking to uplift Earth. I have frequent contact with them through meditation. They appeal to American Christians, about re-birth, karma, psychic phenomena, UFOs and many esoteric topics, all of which fascinate me. I have received much love and encouragement from them, and have seen someone such as Sananda from mind-eye.

All this may sound unbelievable. It’s true, insofar as I have experienced it. My stories are available for publishing, on request. I may be contacted at my email address.