Anahata (4th chakra)

Anahata is the fourth primary chakra, It is the chakra of the Heart. It is exactly located where the heart is. The kundalini by passing by this chakra will bring love and will make the mind happy in its own heart. Indeed, this chakra is the chakra of love. It is the chakra which unify the man and woman principle. The organ which represents this chakra in the modern medical system is indeed the heart but the endocrine gland which is equivalent is the thymus (the center of creation of the anti-bodies, which regulate the health of the body). This chakra is the center of the blood circulation. This chakra symbolizes the power of love and despair. The Anahata chakra is symbolized by a twelve petals flower bearing the Sanskrit letters “ka”, “kha”, “ga”, “gha”, “na”, “ca”, “cha”, “ja”, “jha”, “na”, “ia” and “iha” on each of its petals. Each of these petals correspond to a specific feeling: 1 lustfulness; 2 fraudulence; 3 indecision; 4 repentance; 5 hope; 6 anxiety; 7 longing; 8 impartiality; 9 arrogance; 10 incompetency; 11 discrimination; 12 an attitude of defiance. Inside the petals, there is a star which represent the water element. It is the two triangle one over another: the male and the female principle which create the love principle. The seed sound in the center is “yam”. The dominant colors of this chakra are rose, green and gold. Its corresponding planet is said to be Venus, the planet of love. Its music note is F. Its sense is the touch. Several stones are said to be related to anahata, they are the rose, green and gold stones: gold, rose quartz, emerald… This chakra correspond to the rose flavor. This chakra rules the blood circulation and the love feelings. Actually it is path to love.

Anahata chakra is the chakra of the age between 21 to 28 and rules the love feelings and couples (parent/children, spouse/husband…). It is in this chakra that reside the Atman, the true self. It is the chakra of the most powerful emotions: love, compassion, hate… Anahata is also where reside the power of creation and destruction. It is said that with the power of this chakra, anyone could create worlds and destruct others. It is the chakra which bring blood and thus feelings all over the body. It is interesting that nowadays as always before, the heart is the symbol of love and in the same time the center of blood circulation (we know that it is by the blood that we receive feelings through hormones). Remember that this chakra is the at the center. It is the link between the three first lower chakras and the three higher chakras.