Aphrodisiacs: Oysters, Mushrooms, Truffles”¦

Throughout Europe, especially in countries, such as Italy and France, there is an aphrodisiac that can also be found on the menus of such locations. The fruit of a particular fungus, which is called a truffle, can be located within groves of beech or oak trees. The best truffles are those that show no sign of damage, are medium-sized, as well as firm to the touch. When you have gathered a bunch of fresh truffles, you can eat them with the one you love and watch the sparks fly.


Some believe that mushrooms create a strong aphrodisiac effect. When you have a nice supply of raw mushrooms, you should include them in a meal when cooking. Sometimes, they can also be served raw on top of salads, where stimulation and arousal is sure to follow.


When it comes to aphrodisiacs, you don’t always have to digest the item. For example, frankincense is a popular option that cannot be eaten, but can be inhaled as a scent in the air. You may have encountered incense with this scent. Another aphrodisiac that does not have to be eaten to experience the results is called jasmine. Numerous women have dotted their necks and behind their ears with the essential oil of jasmine. This is said to drive men crazy when they get a whiff of this scent. Incense with the scent of jasmine can also be burned in the bedroom to set the mood. Ylang Ylang also offers an essential oil that produces a nice scent to get lovers in the mood.


There are many aphrodisiacs that can be found within the common kitchen cabinet, as well as refrigerator. Let’s start with the basics. Some believe that eating chicken eggs before having sex produces aphrodisiac effects. If you can stand it, you should keep in mind that the eggs should be raw when eaten to see any results. A common herb that you may have in the refrigerator bin is garlic, which can be cooked or placed in a salad for the aphrodisiac properties to take hold of individuals. I’ve never heard of this one before, but milk is also seen as an aphrodisiac. Onions have been used as an aphrodisiac. It is the Vadalia variety to keep an eye out for when grocery shopping. There are many different ways that this mood maker can be served. Some prefer to fry the onions, while others will eat them raw. This type of onion is quite sweet and easy to digest without cooking.


You may have already heard of this one, but oysters have been known to create a mood between two lovers. This shellfish is quite popular when it comes to setting the scene for a romantic encounter. This is also an easy item to find on the menu when eating out and you are in the mood for a bit of dessert back in the bedroom. Passing by the candy store, you may see the bright colors of red and black licorice, but this is not what you need to get you in the mood. Find the real licorice and you will enjoy not only the edible qualities of this aphrodisiac, but you will also find comfort in the scent that it releases.