Aphrodite’s Talisman Spell: Further Explanation

Keep in mind that with the Aphrodite’s Talisman Spell, you will be using one of the most scared symbols to the goddess, which is a circle with a conjoined cross at the bottom. This sign of the circle is still used in astronomy and astrology as an indicator for the planet Venus. It is this celestial body that is linked to love deities , a tradition that has existed for thousands of years. In this article, we will take a further look at the elements regarding this particular spell.

The Significance of the Goddess of Love , Aphrodite

Known as the Greek goddess of love (in Roman myths she was called Venus), Aphrodite represents love, desire, beauty, fertility, the sea, as well as vegetation. The legend associated with Aphrodite involves Cronus and Uranus. It is said that Cronus castrated Uranus and tossed his sexual organ into the sea.

Following this act, Aphrodite was said to rise from a large shell, which signified her birth. She was carried to land and later earned a name that translated into ‘foam-risen.’ Dressing her in flowers and gold, sea nymphs took to the responsibility of decorating the body of Aphrodite. Her parentage is often listed as being the daughter of Zeus and Dione. To learn more about this important goddess of love, check out some of the facts listed below:

·    When reading Homeric legend, Aphrodite was forced to take Hephaestus (ruler of fire) as a husband, who was not the nicest looking of gods. With this union, Aphrodite hoped to gain the freedom she desired instead of being controlled by another.

·    Independence was a strong characteristic of Aphrodite. Because of this, she was constantly looking for a new lover to satisfy her.

·    An infamous pairing between Aphrodite and another god was with Ares (the god of war), who she would later take as a husband.

·    Out of all the offspring of Aphrodite, her most respected child was Eros (also known as Cupid in Roman myths). Cupid translated to mean desire, while Eros represented the god of love.

Additional Uses of Ylang Ylang

The scent of incense used in the Aphrodite’s Talisman Spell comes from an evergreen tree that can reach heights of up to 80 feet. The tree is decorated by yellow-green flowers, which produces a distinctively strong scent. While ylang ylang is native to Indonesia and the Philippines, the tree is also cultivated in tropical Asia and Africa. In herbal medicines, the flowers and essential oil is used to create natural treatments.

In the Far East, the flowers have been used in traditional circles to create ornamental decorations, while the scent has been heralded for what is believed to possess aphrodisiac qualities. Some of the medicinal uses and actions of ylang ylang include sedative and antiseptic properties, which are found both in the flowers and essential oil. With the oil, one may enjoy a soothing effect. The oil has a reputation of aiding a patient with a fast heart rate or high blood pressure. In some circles, ylang ylang has been used to treat impotence, as well as create a romantic mood between two people.