Aphrodite’s Talisman Spell

When you’re looking to increase your power of attraction, look towards the goddess of love, Aphrodite, for help. With Aphrodite’s Talisman Spell, you may strengthen your attraction to those who could become a potential love in your life. In this article, you will learn how to perform this spell, which involves the creation of a talisman.

In magic circles, a talisman is known as a charm that becomes charged with magical energy and helps one perform a particular task , like call upon the powers that be for assistance in attracting men and women. The talisman mentioned in this article will be used to draw the attention of those that could become a decent match in a relationship.

To charge the talisman, you will need to focus on some of your most intriguing characteristics. For some, it could be the shade of eye color that you possess, your long legs, or even your long, flowing hair. Personality traits will also satisfy this spell, such as an infectious laugh or good sense of humor.

Working on the waxing moon, especially one that is close to a full moon can increase the potency of this spell. Fridays are also strong days to perform the spell because this day is sacred to Venus. One day that you should avoid when casting the spell is Saturday, which can suffer interference from Saturn.

Before you begin this spell, you must gather the following materials:

·    1 stick of ylang-ylang incense

·    1 green candle (measuring 6 to 8 inches)

·    Matches or a lighter

·    1 sharp nail

·    1 small copper disk (perforated and ready for wearing)

·    1 teaspoon of spring water

·    1 length of fine cord for wearing (measuring 24 inches long)

First, you will cast a circle for this love spell and light the incense, followed by the lighting of the candle. You will recite: “I invoke thee, star of the evening/ Rising in beauty from the sea/ Shine on the beauty within me.” With the point of the nail, inscribe the sign of Aphrodite on one side of the copper disk. Turn over the disk and inscribe your first initial on the other side.

Next, hold the disk between your palms and concentrate on your most attractive characteristics. This will charge your talisman. At the same time, repeat the following chant at least nine times: “As the serpent sheds her skin/Shines the beauty that’s within.” Your next step is to show the talisman to the four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Make sure that it passes through the incense smoke. Allow it to pass though the candle flame. Sprinkle the talisman with water and breathe on it with force.

It is believed that by the time the ‘serpent’ of the rhyme (which is represented by the green candle) has shed its skin, the talisman is ready to be worn. This final step has taken place when the candle has burned completely down. Attach the talisman to the piece of cord.