Aura is the subtle appearance of an energy field surrounding not only human beings but any objects (living or not). Its scientific explanation varies to pure spiritual stupidity to real magnetic field surrounding our skin. One thing is clear: it is visible. Anybody with little training can be able to see the aura and determine where the aura seems less brilliant than other part. It is by this way that some people can see where there is illness in the body without the need to use radioscopy or other technological mean to see inside the body. It is like a fluid which stay attached to the body. It can have different colors. Some people also see different level and class them. The colors of the aura bring different meanings: white is often associated with a high spiritual state (yogi or saint). Purple is associated with spirituality, blue with peace , love and affection, green with self-esteem, perseverance and hopes. Yellow is associated with mental power and concentration while orange is associated with artistic behavior. A red aura is linked with anger, physical power, desire and vitality. Aura can be seen but can also be felt by touch or even by our intuition. It happens some times that we feel that an unknown person is in bad mood without seeing it by eyes. It is because we feel its aura emanating bad waves. Also with an hand without touching the person´s skin we can feel an energy: it is the aura. Some simple exercises improve these feelings.

Aura has been studied in the past. It has even been photographed. The current scientific explanation is that our eyes, when tired, see an aura surrounding any object just because of how the eyes work. In fact, it doesn´t disprove the existence of a real aura. A good explanation exists as well which some scientists agree: An electromagnetic field can be detected over our body. it follows the body shape as the aura do. It change when the mood of the person change too. Several people are saying that this electromagnetic field is not the aura but the manifestation of the aura. Our eyes are able to see its electromagnetic field because of several light detectors in our eyes which are able to see different electromagnetic waves different from basic light waves length. Aura is also seen as a protective field. If something goes wrong in our body, a gasp is created in our aura which can be detected. Aura is known since a long time by the Egyptians, Indian and Mayans. It was used as health information. Aura need to be studied a lot more. It could help to heal people and get information about their state. It is also a good way to see people with bad or good intention.