Back To Oneness : ” The Piece de Resistance” The Real, Painful to Hear, and all Liberating One Truth

My dear friends, I know that many of you have been deluged and duped for eons into making you believe in “stories” that have one common thread in all of them – if you bother analyzing them at all: The desire to cover the Truth of who you really ALL are, where you ALL originate and came from, and the strong desire to hide your true origin as sacred and glorious parts of the ONE Eternal Energy.

By belittling you, they all have disempowered you and put you in a state of fear and slavery to the sole satisfaction of your senses, and have blocked the realization that you all carry the infinite and Zero/Infinite Point Energy within, and need no technological attire to manifest it. You were born, naked, with all the necessary and sufficient equipment within your Spiritual make-up to far surpass and overcome the sub-gods and dark energies that have been trying to keep your real Divinity down. You have allowed yourself to cover your Eternal One Reality with a cover of skin and dark thought/energy.

Infinity cannot be restricted by others, it can only be made dormant by our own selves, only with our own accord and by our free will. If we believe in our condition of being born in a diminished sinful state and under the control and leadership of Higher beings, then we become what we believe we are. Man is the only being amongst all created beings who carries within his created-self the ability to become fully the Eternal and Infinite Power and Divinity. No other form of expression of The One can attain the full range of the totality of the Tree of Life from top to bottom and back to top – only man can. Each and every single one of you can. Not even the Archangels are given that ability.

Drop all notions of Masters, Avatars, enlightened ones, and your fascination with them. It is only the message which is important, not the illusory individuation. If a message is about the Truth of One, and unification of all, then it is the product of Love, or the force trying to bring us back to our true Source. Such a force can and would only state that all men are created equal under One and bestowed with the same ability to re-member and be granted equal right to happiness. And you should pay close attention to such a message for it originates from Truth.

If a message tells you that all men are not created equal in the One Eye of One, for they have different abilities, and are therefore not bestowed with the same divine right to experience happiness, then it is the product of the counter-force of Fear/control and is originating in untruth. To believe such fear messages and to become hypnotized by them, is to believe in your inferior status, in the notion of “them” – whoever them is – as superior endowed beings, and you as inferior.

Is one of your brain cells superior to a kidney cell? Of course not, they all have their place and role within the perfection of your biology. Should you then bestow more blood-carried nutrients to a brain cell, and have other cells suffer? Of course not, for they should all get automatically all that they require in order to be happily functioning.

To favor one part of One, at the expense of another, is to operate in a state of lack and emergency, and that is not the way of One, which is only about happiness of the One Being in all its Oneness.

There is only One Being in the Universe. One. A-men.

The One created first two forces within the One Being: two direction/pulls for Its perceptual trip as mankind, which is men without the notion of the unity of the A/Aleph/Alpha – the One.

There are only two real forces within that Being.

There are only two forces operating within each and every one of you.

Both operate at once.

Both need to exist.

Both have a very Creative and important role, for without them Creation just cannot be.

You choose at all moments between these two forces.

You alone have free will of choices.

These two primordial forces cannot ever make any choice for you.

Both have no creative input beyond offering you at every moment two choices originating from each.

One force promotes within your inner and outer reality perception of Oneness, Love and reconnection to the Origin/Source of the trip of man, and another force promotes, within yourself and without, fear/separation, ideas of superiority and inferiority, and feelings of disconnection from the real Original Source of who you really are: One.

The Only trip the One consciousness can really have is a perceptual trip of awareness within the infinite recesses of the One Mind.

On one pole of the Tree of Life (trip of One to man(y) and back to One) operates the force called Fear or what some traditions call the S (called Seth, Serpent, question mark with the head/dot down, Satan, reptilian etc.. force) which is the divisive Creative force within us, all of which wants us to believe and go back to the strong belief of the illusory many, lack of control and empowerment, etc.. and has used fear and control for that. It is the downward force within the Holy Tree of Life which causes the One to leave Its stationary point as the top of the Tree where the crowning glory of One exists forever (Kether/crown) and fall into the illusion of being many – through the very creative and fearful instruments which that fear/forcefield begets.

This is the force which brings the Kingdom all the way to the bottom of the Tree, having the King/Queen (at the highest point of awareness there is no feeling of gender, for all is One) forget that sHe is the King (the One). Its role is to ensure that none of us remembers that fact. For the key to redemption back to One is belief. All any individual has to do in order to perceive that he/she is One with One, is to believe without a speck of doubt that he/she left that perception as the King which he/she is, and can always reconnect to his/her crown above.

This Fear force operates and uses masquerades and lies. It does it very creatively, since it is a force originating from the All, and it keeps on feeding us, throughout all the ages, misconceptions, prepared stories (false His-story laden with confirming holographic inserts) which would and could become palatable to many, and fit the myths and beliefs of the space/time constraints experienced. This force is connected to all of us from within, and can inspire all of us. It is part of One. It is metaphorically the gravitational force of the two forces created in order for Creation to be such a Creative trip and path for the One True Reality. This is the force which pulls us down within our trip as One within the Tree of Eternal Life which we have never, ever left, no matter how much that force tries to ensnare us and convince us of the opposite fact.

The other force, operating on the other pole of the Tree of Eternal Life is the force of Pure Integrative Love, as a desire to unify and bring us back to our origin as One. It delights in lifting us from our anchored state of fear and dis-belief in our Being the One. It tells us to let go of old beliefs of separation and elitism for they no longer serve us, and tend to keep us static in pain, and dormancy. It is also connected to each and every one of us, from within, lying often covered with all the deceiving dark thoughts and programs of fear which we have invited and allowed in. It is the Spark of Holy One within each and every One of us: the Real and Eternal Holy of Holies.

Loving Truth originates in the heart of One and man.

Fear and deception originate in the brain of One and man.

Both are needed to sustain life and free will for One and man within It.

You are what you believe you are.

Man’s life is not a trip about powers, inborn-talents, but a trip in awareness. The key is BELIEF. You are exactly what you believe that you are. If you believe in your limited self and inferior status, that is who you express. If you believe in your un-limited Self and your Divinity as One, that is who you are.

There is no Karma, no past lives and/or contracts based on this, all this is created by Fear as a way for you to retard your evolution into the full realization of who you really are: One.

This is the trip of One: From One to the many as man, and back to One. A trip from Love to Fear, and back to Love again: The Eternal cycle of Creation for the us in One. It is the evening and morning of a cycle of Creation for the One.

You were NEVER really born, and you will NEVER really die. That is totally impossible. You have no real End, and no real Beginning in the Eternity of your stories as One experiencing again and again the many. Birth and Death are all illusions. You are, were, and will always be ETERNAL BEING, ETERNAL ONE, no matter what you experience, think, or do. However the expressions of your Being might become painful or delightful, based on how far from the Truth of One you situate yourself. Fear will always beget pain, and pain will beget awakening back into Love.

We plunge from One, slowly but surely into fear, as One experiences the many, and the pain of the experience propels the many to rejoin the Pure Loving Truth of One as we re-member who we really are: One Being.

Fear has invented, fed, and carefully cultivated the plethora of divisive stories, elitist theories, religious fallacies, prepared fear myths such as anti-Christ, heavens and hell, false prophets, secret dark societies, many scientific paradigms, and even Holographic inserts mimicking reality (anciently seen Dragons, elves, angelic and demonic realms, sub-gods and creators in human or super-human form, recently appearing ET’s, UFOs. paleontological, geological, astronomical, archeological findings, and many scientific laboratory results, etc.,) which innumerable human beings have been visibly witnessing throughout the ages. Much of Fears’ written books, and projected recorded arsenals of virtual sound/light reality inserts, are typically targeting the ones who are most ready to accept and embrace the false paradigms which they are trying to create and sustain. These are just stories created by Fear itself. They are constantly and repeatedly fed, in an acceptable format for their times, by the force of Fear, in order to take us away from our real reality as One, and our purpose to rejoin The One Reality on this planet of operation – especially at this important nexus in time/space.

Look closely at Hurricane Katrina. Although it was obviously created from the level of the Oneness of Nature: The One, there are already built-in and prepared stories originating from the pole of Fear – supported by some Fear/inspired military and governmental research, which oppose other lessons which would impute the event to a lesson by One about the necessity and glory of Oneness.

Weather manipulation can be shown coming from H.A.A.R.P and other governmental projects. Illuminati and other 5th column plots can be found in the unlimited bag of tricks of the ultimate trickster (Fear Itself). Choose the trick stories, and you have just been tricked into remaining in a prison of your own making. You have just been tricked into remaining in the Dark matrix, and not choosing the Light one. They both exist – superimposed at once – within your awareness.

It is not the veracity of each story that is at stake, it is your ability to see beyond the story and understand why it needs to be presented to you by Fear at the same time as another loving lesson of Oneness is given. Otherwise how could you, as One, ever have free will of choices and be able to travel the Tree of your awareness of Life up and down at will? Observe please what polarity originates a story, and see the real plot behind the explanation given.

Remember that the Divine rule is that we all need, as the Real One, to have free will. For that to occur, Fear will prepare for each event in our lives a message or explanation based on and fueling fear/separation, and Love will offer another perspective which tries to unify us.

It is only for us, for we all are the One, to make the choice between the two polarities of explanation offered.

If we choose the Fear side, they we enter evermore fear-based realities as we are pulled even lower and deeper in the pure magical crystal river of Life.

If we choose the Truth of One explanation and message (Love) then we are lifting ourselves ever higher and closer to our true essence and are heading to our ultimate reward when we will, as One, crown ourselves back in the crowning achievement that it will be when we finally can proudly say that we overcame all illusions/Fear and unconditionally embraced, no matter what was projected at us, the Truth of ALL of us being ONE and Only: Source Itself.

Both polarity forces: Fear/Separation and Unifying Loving Oneness are only allowed to influence us, but never to control us, for true control is impossible. Free will always operate for mankind, and we are ultimately responsible for the choices we make, whether we acknowledge it or not.

Only measure a story, message, or a life situation by the following criteria and make it the litmus test of evolution: If the situation brings you closer to Oneness, enter it and choose it. If it brings you closer to fear/separation, fear of lack, and elitism, please do not give it energy for it will grip your reality and manifest further. Remember you are the One, you are the only one granted free will.

Remember that you were, are, and never will be SEPARATED from the One, no matter what you believe or perceive of it, for you are right now and forever The One and ALL ONE within One.

Remember who you are, and where you are heading, no matter what happens in between: One.

All ancient traditions tell us that when man was created, many Creator-sub gods and angels became jealous of this dimension. They of course knew that we were the One in a unaware state, and fully knew that we all had the power at any time to awaken into the FULL and total realization of being One, even if only one of us did so. We were, as One, the Only One given full free will to awaken to Source as One. For all One is interconnected as Oneness. They also were told and suspected that in that case their role would probably stop, as intermediary forces/stations. So they tried to block us from awakening. They created, inspired, and fed us unlimited and copious stories that if believed in, would guarantee in their eyes that we would forever forget who we really are: The One Source of All, including them.

In reality they became also casualties of the Fear force and did not understand that ultimately their role would also evolve within the total awakening of Oneness and Love within One.

So, we lived our miserable and perceptual short existence, and repeated in many ways the same fear patterns adapted to our changing circumstances.

Nevertheless, some remembered, threw away all past programming, belief systems, all books, all writings, and fairytales, and opened themselves to their true Self. They united and made infinite Love to the Oneness within their shining heart, and in that act, the Pure Untouched Source, pulsating Life within the Heart of all, started shining bright and mighty across all Universes and the totality of One awoke to Oneness.

And the many operated in Oneness, filled with Love for and in the notion of One, as they knew and expressed within and without that they were One.

This is already written.

This is the story of Creation. This your true Story. The only Truth there is, was, and can BE.

Gerald O’Donnell