Birthstones Used for Healing and More

Some of the stones and minerals that are used for healing purposes are also well-known stones associated with birthdays. These birthstones can be used to achieve a number of different things, such as attain higher levels of awareness to simply providing a more pleasant aura. In this article, we will deal with the birthstones from the months of January, March, May and August.


When it comes to courage, the mineral, aquamarine has been known to help in this matter. For those who are looking to enhance an individual’s response to issues involving intellect, this stone may be something to seek out. It is supposed to work something in the mind that makes you think better and more precise at a faster rate. In regards to subtle bodies and the Aura, this stone can be used for the shielding effects that it possesses. A higher level of spiritual awareness is also associated with this mineral, which is often identified by its light blue color. Aquamarine is the birthstone associated with those who have birthdays in the month of March.


Those who celebrate a birthday in May might purchase an emerald necklace or earrings to represent their birthstone. To promote a prosperous relationship filled with love, this stone, which ranges in green to light green in color is one that could be used to encourage this positivity. For those looking for a household surrounded by love and happiness, this stone has been known to achieve desired results. When one seeks to attain loyalty and sensitivity, the emerald may help in this cause. The opening of the heart chakra can also be eased with the use of this stone. If you are entering or are dealing with any legal issues, this stone may give you the extra boost of luck that you may need to win over those deciding your fate.


January babies are associated with the garnet, which comes in many different colors. It is often connected to the color red, but it is not uncommon to encounter a red, green, pink or raspberry colored stone of this nature. When there is a need to remove negative energy from the charkas, this stone has been proven to aid in this goal. When it comes to health, this is considered a rather productive resource. The garnet is seen as a stone of commitment. It is related to commitments to yourself, as well as to others and any endeavors you may attempt to achieve. Warmth and understanding are also qualities that are brought more to the light in regards to this stone.


The birthstone for August babies is peridot, which can be found in translucent green shades of color. This stone is often used for healing, as well as for conjuring up a positive and welcoming energy. The charkas that are often cleansed when turning to peridot are the solar plexus and the heart areas. When protection for the area surrounding the body as a whole is needed, this stone is quite helpful.