Calcium Decay And Alzheimers at 60Hz

Joel McClain

P.O. Box 310

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Alzheimer’s Disease, as we all know, is a progressive, incurable,

debilitating illness, characterized by confusion and memory loss.

It normally affects older persons, whose bones have begun to decalcify,

and who have been found to have higher than normal amounts of aluminun

in their brain cells.

From the research of Dr. H.S. Lewis in the 1930’s, we have learned that

the resonant frequency of calcium is 120Hz. Walter Russell, in his

resonance based Periodic Chart of the Elements, has shown that elements

occur as “notes” on an octave.

Research by Les Brown of Canada has shown that elements decay in quantum

steps, from the same note on one octave to a lower octave. In other words,

zinc decays into calcium, which decays into aluminum, and the resonant

frequency drops accordingly, from 240Hz, to 120Hz, to 60Hz. This is shown

on Russell’s chart as the E note, going from octaves seven to six to five.

Various means of resonating an element can cause the quantum decay, as

demonstrated by Les Brown. Resonantly exciting an element increases the

motion, friction and heat of the atomic particles, pushing the element

closer to decay.

Every electrical power cord that is plugged into a wall outlet, whether it

is conducting current or not, is emitting a scaler wave of 120Hz, which is

exactly double the frequency of the 60Hz wall current. All AC powered

electrical appliances, power lines, televisions, computers, etc., emit the

same 120Hz scalar wave.

The human brain, comprised of two halves, is a scalar receiver. It is

possible that the naturally occuring decalcification process is being

unnaturally affected by exposure to artificially created scaler energy,

hastening the decay of calcium into aluminum. This would become the onset

of Alzheimers Disease.

If this is true, then there is also a cure, a sort of “fur of the dog”

analogy, via resonating the aluminum to hasten its decay. This would be

done through creation of a 30Hz AC signal, emitting 60Hz scaler energy, to

eliminate the aluminum.

The aluminum would become lithium, which has been shown to have the exact

opposite effect as aluminum, ie, increased awareness, heightened memory,


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This would seem to have a double benefit, in that the 30Hz AC would

encourage a Beta state (see MIND13.ASC) to increase awareness, while the

60Hz scaler energy would help to reduce the aluminum in the cells.

I realize that there will be much opposition to this theory, as the 60Hz

energy which we all use is so prevalent in our society. Because we have

all been assured that it is “harmless” in normal radiation, we may not want

to believe otherwise. We can at least begin to gather data, by asking the

following questions:

1. Is the rate of Alzheimer’s on a per capita basis the same, in both

developed and undeveloped countries?

2. Is there any difference in the per capita rate between countries

which use 60Hz current, and those who use 50Hz current?

3. Has the per capita rate of this country increased since the turn of

the century, with the “electrification” of the nation?

4. Is the rate of occurance greater in areas which have more energy

“in the air”, such as along power line routes, around generating

stations, etc.

More research is needed, obviously, but I believe that the potential is


Joel McClain

May 6, 1994