Candle Burning Guidelines

For those who are interested in candle burning and have never tried it before, there are a few guidelines to follow to make sure you get the most out of your experience. First, there are a few basics to choose out, such as the shape, color and scent of the candle. Some of these factors may be omitted when you burn a candle because they may cause too much of a distraction.


The first important decision to make in regards to burning candles is the color of the candle. This is because the color of the candle determines two different factors. The first deals with the frequency that the individual using the candle will amplify, as well as release. The second aspect to think of when choosing the color of the candle is what you want to get out of the candle burning process.


Before using any of your chosen candles, you should make sure that they are cleansed. This is done to eliminate any negativity that may have attached itself to the candle before your process. One way to achieve this is to rub the candles down with a flannel fabric, which is made from 100% cotton and is white in color. The candles should be rubbed in only one direction because this will avoid any static charges. This could alter the flow of energy. Once the candle is cleansed, the user should hold the candle while saying a few words, which will serve as a “blessing” for the candle.


Different candles cannot be mixed and matched. If you use a candle for the purposes of healing, you may not use it to channel energy or anything else for that matter. Candles can only be used for one use and are not considered recyclable. Mixing candles will produce negative effects and interfere with the energy that is created. Clear frequency may also appear weak or become disrupted if candles are used for different purposes.

One of the most important aspects of candle burning is that the process is not meant to hurt anyone or cause any pain. When candles are used in this manner, horrendous karma will come your way. It is said that candle burning produces an effect that can be felt of a power 10 times greater. So if you try to inflict pain on someone, it will come back to you ten times worse.


Lastly, when burning a candle, you should never blow out the flame on the candle with your own breath. If you do, the frequency of the final part of the candle burning will be affected and you will not receive the full effect. This is because the breath can affect the force of the energy from candle burning. It also can interfere with the healing process you may want to achieve. There is an interaction between breath and the flame that you will definitely want to avoid. Instead of blowing the flame out, choose a flame snuffer or a metal cup.