Channeling Chi Energy From Hands

Qigong is the practice of channeling Chi energy from ordained places in the body through the hands for the purpose of healing. The practice of Qigong refers not only to self-betterment, but to healing people aside from yourself.

A better definition I recently recieved in email: “The term Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”) literally means “energy practice.” It refers to a family of practices based on the concept of qi (pronounced “chee”), the internal energy that runs through our bodies. It is this same concept of qi that is fundamental to acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine.

The most popular types of Qigong are exercises that combine Tai Chi or yoga-like movement with breathing and visualization to stimulate the qi. But Qigong also includes practices such as standing and sitting meditations, massage, therapeutic healing techniques, and other health and energy-building practices.”

I feel led to post about Qigong, because I have been using practices described by this doctrine for years, with no leading or teaching in the belief. In a search for answers, I have found many sources online which seem to support my semi-instinctual spiritual practices.

There have been studies done, measuring infrasonic (sound waves we can’t hear) waves emitting from the hands of unpracticed, newly taught, and masters at the art of Qigong. Not surprisingly, the decibel levels were known to increase exponentially according to “rank”. This seems pure evidence that we emit energy through our palms, energy not explained or denied by modern science or ancient religion.

Try placing your palms, aligned carefully, about an inch apart. Relax, and begin moving one hand in a slow clockwise motion. Move the other in a counter clockwise motion. After a time, you may sense a natural resistance, much like opposing magnets, or a “rubber bubble” between. This energy, given solidity…can it be used to heal? Can it affect the waves emitted by chi spots in our family and friends?

Whatever your feeling on Qigong or Chi Energy, there is a great chance you too can benefit from its practice.