Choosing a Personal Crystal

When you are ready to choose a personal crystal for yourself, you will find that the best choice is the one that seems to be calling your name. When this occurs, you should know that this is because you and this particular crystal is on the same frequency. You may have come to find a different type of crystal, perhaps one in your favorite color, but there is always another that will capture your attention. This is the immediate connection that you have to hold onto.


If this crystal is meant for you, when you pick it up and hold it in your hand, you will feel the connection that you should be looking for. You can always find a crystal, but it is the best result that comes from crystals that have lured you to them. When you have chosen your crystal, you will have to undergo a process of cleaning it. This will rid the crystal of all other energies. This is important because you do not want to have a crystal that possesses frequencies that are not in balance with you. You should know that crystals consisting of quartz, as well as other gemstones are filled with all sorts of vibrations.

These can be both negative, as well as positive. These stones are an open gate that are able to receive energy from anyone it comes in contact with, as well as other objects surrounding them. You have no idea where your newly found crystal has come from. It could have traveled across the world to reach you, on it’s way, picking up the energies from any and everything.


How to Cleanse Your Crystal


1. First, wash your crystal. This can be accomplished in numerous different ways. Some will wash their crystal in water, while others add sea salt to the water and have them soak in the mixture for many hours. Others choose liquid soap, such as the kind you wash your own hands with. They will rinse the crystals, and then lather them up with the soap. Then, they should be rinsed off in a gentle manner. A soft cloth should then be used to dry off the crystal.


2. Second, the crystal should be placed in the sunlight. This will give it energy. This can also be achieved by placing the crystal within the moonlight. A full moon is the more desirable moonlight to expose your crystal to.


3. Once the cleansing and clearing process is complete, you should hold the crystal in your hand. This is when you attempt to have a dialogue with your crystal. If you are in tune with this object, you will be able to hear it speak to you. Some of the things you may learn are where the crystal wishes to be placed within a household or what purpose it should be used for. This may take time to get the hang of. When you talk to your crystal in a telepathic manner, this is referred to as scrying.