Christian Meditation is to meet with Spirit of Jesus Christ

We offer prayers for different needs, but I think the utmost of all our needs is to congregate with Jesus Christ. Perhaps Christian meditation is the most authoritative and effective prayer for this purpose.  
Christian Meditation has very long history in Christianity and has taken different forms. But meditation on the Gospels of Jesus Christ is the most influential form of Christian Meditation.
Broadly speaking, there are three main sources which work together to bring us closer to God: Holy Spirit, Faith, commitment or Consistency
First of all Christian Meditation should not be mystified with the types derived from Eastern religions. It is quite different from all other types of meditation; it is truly and essentially Christian its nature.
It involves reading Scripture and Gospels in a thorough and specific way. It allows explicitly the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the nature and meaning of what Jesus Christ preached in his life span.
You can meditate on both the Old Testament and the New Testament; however, it is the meditations on the gospels which can bring you close to Jesus Christ time and again in real and lively ways. The mystic experience or meeting with Jesus Christ through Gospel is to have tremendous impact on your spiritual personality. Experience of meeting with Christian Meditation is real, having great value, filling you with some spiritual and material blessings, so it should not be ignored and exaggerated.
Infect the real experience of meditation varies significantly between prayer periods on the same day or from day-to-day. But with too much concentration and meditation, some people become skeptic of this experience of meeting Jesus Christ and miss one thing that Spirit deals with us in very different ways at different times. So always avoid overstressing these meetings.
What we need is to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ, have freedom and opportunity to work within the teachings with most possible efforts.  This is the only way that we may continue the process of becoming like Jesus Christ. That is what our lives are all bout.