Chromotherapy May hold Cancer Answers

For years I have been looking for some kind of cure or treatment for diabetes

because I have several friends who suffer greatly from this affliction.

The closest I had come to something that might work was in experiments with

high intensity colored lights, called Chromotherapy, done by Dinshah Ghadiali

in the early 30’s.

Dinshah understood that the pancreas NORMALLY produces all the insulin the

body needs. The test to determine diabetes involves measuring the

concentration of sugar in the blood. If it is high, the assumption is that

the pancreas is malfunctioning because insufficient quantities of insulin MUST

NOT be present.

The ‘cure’ is to begin with pills, eventually graduating to injections. As

you continue to inject more artificial insulin, you literally ‘retrain’ the

pancreas and cause it to atrophy in its own internal insulin production. A

form of negative biofeedback.

(I am uncertain as to the correct spin, but I think it is a right handed spin

which is necessary for absorption, so don’t count on this anecdote as being

totally factual.)

In nature, everything has a spin, either to the left or to the right. I

believe it is food which rotates in a right hand direction that can be easily

absorbed by the body. However, food with a left hand rotation can NOT be

absorbed. So, the pancreas can apparently accept all ingested sugars and

convert left handed sugar to right handed, thus ensuring a minimum of sugar in

the blood because most of it is NOW right handed and will be absorbed, not

left in the bloodstream to cause confusion.

Dinshah said that the pancreas was malfunctioning in its ability to flip the

rotation of the sugar to a digestible form, and so had to be treated to

restore the ability. A high intensity colored light was projected on the

pancreas as a treatment. After the treatment, the majority of sugars were

thereafter properly rotated (to the right instead of the left).

This would allow the body to absorb nearly all the ingested sugars and keep

the blood sugar at normal levels. Dinshah said it was wrong to inject manmade

insulin into a body just because the blood sugar level was temporarily

measured to be unusually high or low.

Why should the pancreas go to the trouble of producing insulin when it was

being provided from external sources, thus requiring no effort from the body.

As the pancreas is subjected to less and less loading, it eventually atrophies

and the diabetic symptoms progressively worsen as the insulin needs are no

longer partially supplied by the pancreas. This of course requires more and

more externally supplied insulin.

Thanks to the efforts of Mike Hughes in sharing some wonderful Energy

Unlimited papers, I found an article which CLAIMS to be a cancer, leukemia and


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From Energy Unlimited #12, Winter 1981, page 46


Cancer and Leukemia Cure (alledged)

The inner bark of two South American trees of the Bignoniaceae family is being

used successfully in the treatment of various diseases, including cancer, by

South American physicians. A brew made with the inner bark of Lapacho Morado

(Tabebuia Altissima) or Lapacho Colorado (Tabebuia Avellanedae) appears to

attack the cause of the disease.

Physicians at the municipal hospital of Santo Andre, a suburb of Sao Paulo,

have noticed that the pain suffered by patients with leukemia or other cancers

disappears within hours after they receive a tea brewed from the inner bark of

Pau D’Arco Roxo.

They have also verified that, within 30 days of treatment with this medicine,

most patients no longer show any cancer symptoms.

** Diabetes apparently is cured EVEN FASTER than cancer. **

Since the early 1960’s, this bark has been used regularly at the municipal

hospital there. Both the herb stores and the ‘legitimate’ pharmacies in

Brazil now carry this bark.

The red Pau D’Arco, besides eliminating pain, also cures ulcers and rheumatism

and, almost always in less than one month.

Another name for the Lapachos is Ipes, a name used in southern Brazil. Ipe

roxo is called Pau D’Arco and the red Lapacho is called Pau D’Arco Roxo. The

red Lapacho is very common in the tropical lowlands. The Lapacho Morado, or

purple Lapacho, grows in cooler climates like the Andes.

After an article appeared in O Cruzeiro, the physicians at the hospital were

ordered not to make public statements about the hospital’s affairs without

prior authorization by the Santo Andre City Council.

The Brazilian Cancer Society was furious about the publicity for the “bark”

cures. It wanted to forbid the doctors to use the remedy, but the city

fathers of Santo Andre would not agree to that as the bark of the red Pau

D’Arco was saving them a lot of money by CURING PATIENTS and EMPTYING the


Source : Fred Anthony Warren