Clairvoyant Way to Block Negative Energy

The clairvoyant knows there is much negative energy in the world today
and he works on blocking the bad vibrations as much as he can. Our
psychic friend uses common sense.

He uses the deep mysteries buried within esoteric circles. Our psychic
works in the light, promoting all that is good an pure, showing ways to
gain the uplifting and empowering energy, and how to block negative
energy. If you want to find out how psychics achieve this breakthrough
read on.

The challenges of our modern and busy lifestyle are great. Stress,
broken relationships, and hacked to bits careers litter the streets. The
emotional burning this causes within the soul of the modern individual
is staggering.

There has to be a better way to block all kinds of negative energy, and
to gain the positive kind that empowers you. There are metaphysical
methods you can use. Here they are:

1. Use the Energy in Water

Often not taken seriously because it is so common, the ancients used
water as a kind of generator in the manufacture of life force. They used
water to cleanse, to purify, and applied it with skill to achieve
their aims in the getting of positive energy.

When a psychic medium does a reading in private he often has a large
bowl of water next to him to amplify his psychic viewing. This helps in a
reading. It allows the clairvoyant to tune further into his intuition
and to get psychic answers.

The cleansing power of water is well known in esoteric circles. The
common , everyday, shower is a great way to wash off the bad vibrations
one has picked up during the day. One often feels reborn after a good ,
hot shower. This is because water is very cleansing to the etheric and
to the astral bodies which are a part of our inner self.

Our astral body , which surrounds the physical form like a body suit,
collects all kinds of energetic rubbish in day to day living. This often
leads to negative thinking, feeling down, and leads one down toward the
downward spiral of life. Water, in the use of shower and bathing, works
to fix this problem.

2. Apply Essential Oils

There are energy centers in our body energy psychic knows about. These
energy centers are called chakras. They are wheels of energy. Essential
oils like jasmine and eucalyptus have the ability to revive and to
enliven chakra energy centers that are running below capacity.

Negative emotions, and being exposed to them on a continuous basis ,
will pull even the greatest saint down into the path of despair and loss
of hope. Essential oils provide a barrier to block negative energy and
to allow the positive and more expansive energy vibrations to flow.

3. Raw Food Eating

A clairvoyant respects the physical body and knows how empowering raw
fruits, raw juices, and fresh vegetables are to his body system. If you
feel light in the body you are well on the ay to feeling light and happy
in the mind.

Our psychic friend has learned that raw foods are one of the easiest and
most practical ways to raise energy levels. The more positive energy
you bring into your life, through raw foods, upbeat people, and calm
environments the less the negative energy can gain a foothold.

4. Earth Energy

Many psychics walk barefoot upon unspoiled grass to absorb the energy of
nature and they store this energy like an accumulator only to release
it later during some task they wish to achieve on the earth plane.

Tree hugging it still big in my book. The closer we get to nature, the
more energy we have, and the better we feel. This is why crystals are so
popular. Being a natural substance they are nice to handle often giving
good energy vibrations, and are a pleasant contrast compared to all of
the synthetic and man made materials we are surrounded by.

The clairvoyant method to block negative energy is 100% out of the box
thinking. The methods are unusual, different, and esoteric, and yet a
psychic is happy with these metaphysical methods because they work for

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