Creatures of Consciousness: Inside the Cogitoverse

In recent years with the rise of personal enhancement and interest in spirituality there has been an increased number of people who have alleged contact with entities while in a deep state of meditation.  Often these reports go ignored by many – said to be mere figments of the person’s own imagination.  While that may be the case sometimes, there is actually a long history of contact with beings of one form or another while in an altered state of consciousness.

Even in mankind’s very early days contact with spiritual entities was sought through the altering of the conscious and subconscious minds through meditation.  While this might seem like a fairly normal thing to the experienced shaman, to an outsider it would be very difficult to differentiate between a character you would meet in a dream and an actual self aware being that you may be contacting from the outside looking in.

So if these beings exist, they must reside somewhere.  Jung coined the term collective unconscious to describe symbolic entities and concepts that exist in the universe we all share with one another within our own minds.  But if these truly were self aware ghosts residing in our consciousness, then it cannot simply be considered a collection of abstract concepts with no real core thread holding them all together.  It almost suggests a sort of parallel reality.  The Latin word for this could be “Cogitoverse.”  And when we draw a parallel between our own reality and this theoretical cogitoverse, very quickly we can begin understanding how the two may be related.

While the external world we interact with is comprised of atoms and these atoms are at a certain level the building block of matter (ignoring what the atoms themselves are made up of) then what would the basic building block of this cogitoverse be?  An entity would be a collection of concepts and personality, while the concepts and personality themselves would likely be made up of individual bits of information.  These information atoms would be created from our own brains and be largely comprised of electrical impulses and neurons.  These entities may very well be existing within our minds far from our consciousness.

Think of the conscious mind like a giant eye residing at the top of a tower looking over the landscape of the brain.  While it can see an incredible landscape, there are places within it that are beyond its understanding.  There is an entire world it will not see – and there may be entire processes that the conscious mind would recognize going on that are simply information, characters, and other bits of process streaming out compiled of stray bits of information that wash downstream.  Perhaps when the conscious mind shuts down during dream time we see them, but can we honestly say they are only figments of our imagination?  Artists have often turned to these denizens of the cogitoverse for inspiration – often inspiring incredible works.  So are they parts of us, or are they no more us than we are them?  And why do they have a tendency to show up in different peoples’ consciousnesses and yet act very similar in each?