Crystals Throughout History

Crystals are not only an attractive decoration, but they have also been used throughout history to serve many different purposes. In this article, we will take a look at some of the uses that crystals have seem from ancient times to various cultures, such as Mayan and Tibetan.


When reading ancient myths, it is stated that the Gods placed crystals within their breastplates. The priests of several societies and brotherhoods have been viewed as possessing the ability to call upon the wisdom of the past. For rituals dealing with the asking of advice, these priests used different types of oracles to find the answers they were looking for. Channeling the energy to receive advice, the priests wore amulets and other type of pieces that were decorated in various crystals. This can be seen throughout history with the example of the Urim and Thummim stones that were used by Hebrew high priests.


For the Atlanteans, crystals were used for many different reasons. One of the most important uses for the crystals included healing. Among other uses, the crystals also aided communication, helped to control the weather, as well as proved helpful in record keeping.


Ancient civilizations were crazy about crystals. The Tibetans used them to create light. The Mayans referred to the crystal as being a “vision stone.” This stone was used when creating some of their statues of worship. In Peru, crystals were discovered to play an important role within the culture. When the Incan Empire was invaded and the King was ceased, it was the priests and the Queen, who found comfort in the Temple of the Sun. They called upon the powers that be for assistance in this matter, looking towards a black colored mirror that was positioned in the middle of the Temple. They believed that the crystals in the mirror possessed energy that would help them find the answers that they sought.


We know that crystals, when looking at the lowest form of their function can produce a variety of results. They are able to store light, as well as discharge it. When it comes to power, they can convert sunlight into electricity. They are also known to store information, such as various patterns of vibration. Signals captured from light and moonlight have been known to pass through crystals, which can be studied at a later date. Researchers have spent many years perfecting their knowledge regarding the future of holding various types of information within crystals.


Psychics and other people searching for emotional energies have used crystals for their own personal gain of knowledge and enlightenment. A crystal can also be used to capture the life force or a vibratory pattern of a person close to death. Some have turned to diamonds, crystals and other precious stones to explore the emotional energies from the past. As these objects pass from person to person, different readings can be found. This can be seen in the case of the cursed Hope Diamond, which will be explored in the article titled, “Crystal Energies: The Cursed Hope Diamond.”