Curses and Quantum Theory

Have you ever been in a position where something seems to stop what you’re attempting to do no matter what?  Have you ever been performing the simplest of tasks only to discover that somewhere something seems to be blocking that very simple act at every turn?  It’s as if some force of the universe is not lining up with the rest of them and has placed obstacles at every turn to conform to its preconception of what reality should be.  And as a result, the barrier seems to come from an almost spiritual realm.

A spiritual sort of block in the universe keeping us from performing the simplest of tasks has been a literary device for centuries.  Often these are connected to a core task that the protagonist must perform, but ultimately is not destined to.  They take the form of other characters, countries, random events, and central themes.  Take for instance the simple task of making a phone call to a distant loved one.  The phone call may be interrupted just as the character is picking up the telephone to make the call and they are dragged through a series of events that make it so the ultimate final call does not happen until the very end or very late into the story.  Of course we’ve seen it in literature, but does it happen in real life as well?

The idea of ethereal blocks have manifest in the real world in several different forms.  People have blamed curses, fate, and even divine acts by omnipotent entities for the inability to do seemingly mundane and even unconnected things.  And yet when we look at these factors in context they provide an overarching latticework of how the human experience may progress.  We can quickly see how the progress can be impeded by a collection of seemingly uncontrolled and unrelated events.

And curses seem to work in an even more abstract way.  Hexes placed that have a general ill effect on the victim will not have a specific cause, but rather will have a simple block or concept around which other subtle differences can arise.  Hexes have for years been remembered in far greater numbers than enchantments professing to bestow good fortune on an individual.  And when the former have risen up in the past, the curser is always the single entity found to blame for the act.

And in the case of fate, the ethereal block in reality seems to be like a program setting about moving pieces around on a board.  As they get closer to their ultimate destiny, the actions seem to get more specific while the differences at the outer edge will be more generalized and often seem unrelated.

So what are these actions put in place to keep us moving along what may seem like a set track.  Quantum physicists may have the answer.  It’s said in the vast collection of energy and matter movements that all potential realities come to pass in one way or another.  And so the cursed individual may be traveling in their own consciousness toward a specific end while leaving a sort of placeholder in the others.  As the human mind is a quantum machine it’s difficult to place just how much of this all is actually taking place at any point in time, but we can determine that it’s something we will be talking about for some time.